“In his January 9 keynote address before the Macworld Expo crowd in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs offered what has become an annual lesson in user values in technology design,” David Morgenstern writes for eWeek. “But why do so few in the industry seem to be taking the course?”

Morgenstern writes, “That is the great mystery. Often it’s easy to dismiss the power of integration, whether it’s hardware and software or software and services. Or with Apple’s iPhone, something of all three.”

“The device rang my bell in the cool department. With the full browser implementation, it’s almost like a tablet PC but smaller and with telephony. As Jobs said, most smart phones aren’t very smart. The iPhone’s IQ must be off the scale,” Morgenstern writes.

Morgenstern writes, “They must be crying in Nokia-ville and other telephony towns today. Apple’s team in Cupertino has stopped the market with this product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s not a complex formula, but it’s obviously very difficult to concoct: Apple is a group of very smart, talented people who are paying fanatical attention to detail, being driven by a visionary, charismatic leader.

As we said yesterday, Apple’s competitors should be embarrassed – their products look dated and amateurish next to Apple’s iPhone – which looks like it slipped off the side of the saucer and was mistakenly left behind by alien visitors. Apple’s so-called competitors have been leapfrogged by a wide margin. They should be crying.

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