eWeek: Apple iPhone fallout: ‘They must be crying in Nokia-ville and other telephony towns today’

“In his January 9 keynote address before the Macworld Expo crowd in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs offered what has become an annual lesson in user values in technology design,” David Morgenstern writes for eWeek. “But why do so few in the industry seem to be taking the course?”

Morgenstern writes, “That is the great mystery. Often it’s easy to dismiss the power of integration, whether it’s hardware and software or software and services. Or with Apple’s iPhone, something of all three.”

“The device rang my bell in the cool department. With the full browser implementation, it’s almost like a tablet PC but smaller and with telephony. As Jobs said, most smart phones aren’t very smart. The iPhone’s IQ must be off the scale,” Morgenstern writes.

Morgenstern writes, “They must be crying in Nokia-ville and other telephony towns today. Apple’s team in Cupertino has stopped the market with this product.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not a complex formula, but it’s obviously very difficult to concoct: Apple is a group of very smart, talented people who are paying fanatical attention to detail, being driven by a visionary, charismatic leader.

As we said yesterday, Apple’s competitors should be embarrassed – their products look dated and amateurish next to Apple’s iPhone – which looks like it slipped off the side of the saucer and was mistakenly left behind by alien visitors. Apple’s so-called competitors have been leapfrogged by a wide margin. They should be crying.

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  1. Oh, right! Apple is getting out of the computer business! The iPhone marks the end of life as we know it. By February, they will have cancelled all their orders for new computers and will spend the rest of the year selling off inventory. Don’t you know that Apple really wants to get out of a growing market. I mean, the whole mindshare, X-serve corporate, embrace and extinguish plan was just so they could give up making computers? Why keep playing the game if you’re winning, right? Geez, you people sound so incredibly stupid.

  2. Thanks Joell for noticing that. Where’s the big uproar that Steve looks fine? Oh wait, we were too busy staring at the iPhone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Thanks BTSOI – agree totally, Apples 1QFY2007 is going to have how much iPhone income – oh yeah ZERO but 2M Macs sold.

    MDN Magic Word ‘value’ – Apple stock was a good value when I bought at $17 (pre-split) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I am so sick of the whiny spastic crybabies that come out of the woodwork after every Apple event. Okay, so there were no Mac-related announcements at MacWorld. That must mean… THERE WILL BE NO NEW MACS THIS YEAR! APPLE IS CANCELLING ALL MACINTOSH DEVELOPMENT!! AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

    Or could it possibly be that any such announcements would have been completely lost in the 90 minutes+ presentation of AppleTV and iPhone? Apple doesn’t bother “announcing” new Macs these days, unless it’s a completely new model. When the Mac mini gets Intel Core 2 Duo, I doubt Jobs will go on stage to announce it — there will just be a press release.

    There were no iPod upgrades announced, either. I suppose they’re cancelling the iPod?

  4. Although I think the iPhone is a great piece of innovation, and that it will be quite popular…I would imagine that the majority of the billion phones sold last year were used for basic things like calling and texting.

    I would appreciate Apple eventually coming out with a version of the iPhone without all the bells and whistles. A simple design, with an effective and easy to use interface. Phone calls, texting, contacts…enough said.

    I realize that integration may be the wave of the future, but there is something to be said for the idea of “too much one convenient package”.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. That’s just it 2nd half.

    Phoning and messaging. The rest of that shit that is in every phone does not get used because no one knows how to use it. Over 30% of phones sold last year had music playing capability. Less than 5% of those music playing phones were actually used to play music.

    Why? It wasn’t because the owners didn’t want to play music. It was because they didn’t know how to use the feature.

    Same goes for in phone cameras. Shitty pictures. Who tries to take more of them after such poor results?

    The features were added to produce a revenue stream for the Telcos.

    Once there is a good implimentation of all of those features built into every phone that is done with the user in mind, those features will be used.

  6. It’s Intel Inside but it’s probably not a Core 2 Duo or even an x86 chip. It runs OS X but it’s not a Mac or is it. It has over 200 patents. It can be made in quantity and go almost anywhere. What some of you fail to see is that Apple isn’t just Macs anymore it’s on the verge of becoming ubiguitous.

  7. Dion is right – OSX is the story here…

    No one can even approach osx’s functionality, so there’s no real competition on the horizon. Apple is perfectly positioned in a consumer electronics.

    Buy. Stock. Now.

  8. You can all feel free to flame me for this one, but I really don’t see how the iPhone is so earthshattering “They must be crying in Nokia-ville (as someone else mentioned Finland). Now, i’m not saying the iPhone doesn’t look nice, it looks amazing. But unless you compare it to the fact that other big-tech companies in direct competition with apple (HP, Dell, M$, Gateway, etc) don’t have an equivilant to this, it’s not really all that amazing aside from the utter fact that it’s made/designed by apple, the GUI is nice, and it runs OS X.

    Nokia’s N800 and E62 phones can compete and from what I see the only thing they really lack in comparison to the iPhone is that they can only hold up to half the 4gb min iPhone can. I think apple makes great products, and I have no doubts that the iPhone will be a great product as well, but I fail to see how this is so “WOW NOBODY HAS ANYTHING LIKE THAT!” when there are clearly products and can and will compete against the iPhone; they just don’t run OS X and have nearly as much storage capacity. The iPhone will definately get competition if Nokia releases the N770 and N800 to more than just cingular.

    if anyone’s wondering why I didn’t mention Motorola, it’s because i don’t think they make good stuff at all, sorry for those of you who do.

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