Vincent Nguyen (of SlashPhone and SlashGear fame), has posted what he claims may be a leaked photo of Apple’s cellular phone on

Who ever coined the phrase “the devil is in the details” must of have been a genius. When I got the tip in for the image of the Mobile Me phone below, I immediately resized and crop the image without even bothering to look at the “whole” picture. Keep in mind that I got two tips in right around the same time; one was the video and this one. All this took place about 2 hours prior to announcement of the iPhone by Linksys. Looking over the image now, I missed a few key details. Do you notice the blurb on the bottom left?

“Setup note: This board should”

This image looks like it’s something an ad agency is putting together for Apple. So in my mind I’m thinking that Apple gave a bunch of info and images to the ad agency to play with…why else is this blurb in there?

Full article with larger images here.

And more about it here, too:

[Thanks to approximately 5,000 MacDailyNews Readers for the heads up.]
This is a rumor and this photo could be a fake, but we cannot currently discount it (like most we see).

A few points to support its validity:
• The camera could be on the back side of the phone
• The text could be a work in progress
• The “iPhone” could be a placeholder name

One big point that may show it’s a fake is that it’s still there online. No demand by Apple’s legal eagles to take the image down should cause skepticism about this image’s validity.

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