Computerworld: Enterprise decision-makers should consider migrating to Mac OS X and Apple hardware

“Looking back, 2006 has been a great year for Apple. Wall Street continues to be enamored with all things Apple, the company’s laptop market share is up to 10%, and the media distribution business has changed forever — with iTV arriving after the first of the year,” Yuval Kossovsky writes for Computerworld. “Will Apple also partner with a mobile virtual network operator, or buy a cell carrier outright for the final push in its effort to broaden its reach?”

Kossovsky writes, “I could go on about touch-screen video iPods, market share, new models, the completion of the Intel transition, the rumored cell phones and more. The only prediction I will make is my annual prognostication, which is that iChatAV will break out to more mainstream use this coming year, and that Apple will embed it in a 3G cell phone. IChatAV (or, as I see it, iSpeakwalkandtalk) will be the killer app for mobile operators seeking to increase average revenues per user via data services.”

Kossovsky writes, “Having gotten that bit of speculation out of the way, I want to focus on something concrete. I think the biggest news for Apple in 2007 will be Microsoft Vista. Really. More to the point, in managing the risk of migration to Vista, I think the argument can be made that migrating to Mac OS X as a primary operating system is a good risk management strategy.”

“In migrating to Mac OS X and Apple hardware, a company can save on training costs and mitigate the risks involved in moving to Vista by eliminating the necessity of an all-or-nothing migration. An option like that should give any CIO, CTO, CFO or CEO something to seriously consider,” Kossovsky writes. “And that’s how I see 2007 shaping up for Apple’s place in the enterprise.”

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  1. So is my business.. 100% Mac – all 3!

    I think this article must be dedicated to the poster that posted this yesterday:

    Don’t pass the koolaid Dec 20, 06 – 12:43 pm

    Busting: Apple’s done a fine job of convincing so called artistic people that OSX is the platform of choice. Why can’t it convince the business majority of it’s superiority? Answer: because it isn’t.

    You have to laugh!

    MW is ‘social’ as in Zune, going going gone…


  2. Do you guys really think that most people that use PC uses Windows. Some people probably dont use windows at all. They probably use Linux like Ubuntu distro. And Pc dont mean that you must use Windows by Microsoft. Bye

  3. Hey, Jatt:
    If you think that the majority of PC users are not using Windows, you’re kidding yourself. Sure, there are some Linux users, but I’m sorry to say that their numbers are dwarfed by the Windows users.
    Wish it weren’t so…

  4. Chiming in with the folks up above – no windows here – all Mac – about to install Xserve with RAID array. Asset management software. Mac went through some weird years but I think they are over – they have direction and they have better built machines (since 1984 I have had 1 Mac out of more than 100 fail onme). We just give ours to schools and such when we upgrade. They don’t wear out.

  5. “What will happen to the real world when Macs take over?”

    They will wake up from their Windoze-induced coma, promptly be flushed down a tube into a pool or water, and then get picked up by Steve “Morpheus” Jobs in the Nebekaneezer.

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