A full-blown Apple search engine may be closer than you think

A full-blown Apple search engine to compete with Alphabet subsidiary Google may be closer than you think, Mark Gurman writes for Bloomberg News.


Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

Apple has the wherewithal to launch its own search engine, a replacement for Google… For years, Apple Inc. pondered building a search engine that could replace Google as the preferred option on its devices…

Right now, Apple gets a cut of Google’s search ad revenue, a commission that has brought in roughly $8 billion annually in recent years. But imagine if Apple could keep more of that money… Apple knows this. That’s one reason why it’s been tinkering with search technology for years… Google may be dominant in search, but the company still needs Apple and its billions of users.

If the US determines that Google has violated antitrust law, the company’s deal with Apple could be broken up…

Apple already designs its own chips, operates an App Store, sells music online, offers video and gaming services, and has an in-house maps app that competes with Google.

The only thing missing is a full-blown Apple search engine. And while one won’t be launched anytime soon, it may be closer than you think.

MacDailyNews Take: Not until Apple’s hand is forced. Tons of easy money from Alphabet looks to be too hard for Apple to pass up voluntarily.

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  1. If Apple is really being paid $19 BILLION BIG ONES each year from Google to have it as the default search engine in Apple’s Safari browser — which is absolutely mindboggling — why would Apple want to have their own search engine? It doesn’t make sense financially, unless Google is tired of paying that totally outrageous amount of money and has hinted that this arrangement is no longer worth it.

  2. $19 Billions is chump change these days. Apple’s stock based capitalization value has dropped by $300 B just over the past month or two. Also, the annual revenues are projected at $488 B in a few years time. Dump Goooooogle to stop the exploitation of customers and monetizing it. Apple does it a tiny bit; but the “do no evil” GooGoo company is a ferocious predator in this realm.

  3. Apple may want to release their search engine before they’re forced to have a “search provider choice” dialog during initial setup. Given a choice at that point how many of the users that went with the default Google Search till now will now intentionally select it over the other search providers listed?

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