Apple Silicon Mac Pro not expected at WWDC, Mac Studio update looks delayed

Bloomberg News‘ Mark Gurman believes that the long-awaited Apple Silicon Mac Pro will not be among the new hardware announcements at WWDC 2023, while the Mac Studio update looks delayed.

Apple's current rack- mountable Mac Pro
Apple’s current rack- mountable Mac Pro

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

Speaking on the latest episode of The MacRumors Show, Gurman explained that while he still expects the new ‌Mac Pro‌ to launch this year, it is unlikely to emerge at WWDC in June. This is a significant delay over when the machine was originally expected to launch.

He added that the next-generation Mac Studio will likely not contain M2-series chips, with Apple postponing a refresh of the device until the M3 generation to avoid cannibalizing the new Mac Pro.

Following up on an earlier report, Gurman said that he now expects the “in-air typing” text input method to be present on Apple’s mixed-reality headset when it launches, despite its “finicky” experience. He added that the device’s two-hour battery life may be likely to remain through successive generations of the mixed-reality headset…

MacDailyNews Take: The holdup is tiny: 3nm, in fact.

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  1. Only another continuation of loyal Mac PROS getting the short end, again and again, under the beancounter. Long OVERDUE for a creative CEO replacement…

  2. Honestly, there is no point in Apple releasing any “new” Macs until the M3 comes out (September/October?). A large portion of Mac users upgraded to M1 (late 2021), and the earliest they will upgrade is 2023 . . . Regarding the “Mac Pro” — that is a niche product, so I hope Apple waits until they have the “right chip” that will blow people away.

    1. Yes. People all too often blamed Motorola (68000 series and early PowerPC), then IBM (PowerPC), then Intel (x86 series) for Apple’s troubles — too niche, too slow, too hot, etc. Then we heard that Apple killed the M1/M2 Extreme chip (supposedly two Ultras merged into one CPU). Apple currently has nothing to compete with the top of the line AMD and Intel chips. With the Extreme gone (assuming it really is gone) there is nothing on Apple’s roadmap for the Mac Pro to compete with AMD and Intel’s top end chips — and certainly nothing to compete with AMD’s and Intel’s workstation chips (which the current Mac Pro uses).

      I am not looking forward to replacing my current generation Mac Pro with whatever Apple will provide next.

  3. chip too slow. and the price would be ridiculous. the price for the studio already crazy high. anyone heard of any hyper-threading in these chips yet? apple kills me, power consumption is low so you can have the privilege of working slower, yes, but all day. how about the chip and machine is so fast everything i do happens in real time no delays. for that i could find 2000 dollars. done before i think it, for that i could find 3500 dollars. 7000 dollars, not even going to try to find that. linux, intel, amd, here have some money.

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