Apple recognizes Studio Display speaker issues; offers temporary fix

Apple has recognized that its Studio Display speakers may experience audio issues, including cutting out, audio playing at high speed, and distortion in what the company describes as a software issue, not a hardware issue. The company offers a temporary fix while presumably working on the software to permanently correct the issue.

Apple's Studio Display
Apple’s Studio Display

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

In a memo to authorized service providers, obtained by MacRumors, Apple acknowledges that customers may find themselves facing speaker issues with the company’s $1599 display.

Apple says that customers facing issues should unplug the Studio Display from power, unplug any accessories or devices connected to the display, wait ten seconds, then reconnect the Studio Display to power.

Apple explicitly notes this is not a hardware problem and implies that a future iOS update may address the issues.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, this is good news for both Apple and customers as a hardware issue would have very likely meant an eventual recall. A software update is a much easier and less painful fix.

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  1. Great, but an iOS update is NOT a fix? I use my Studio Display on my Mac. When I experienced this issue last month. Apple tech support was clueless. The solution was easy: Unplug the monitor.

        1. Studio display has iOS inside running the display, from memory, but maybe there would be both MacOS and display-iOS updates to fix it from both angles, if needed.

          Presumably only the display’s iOS needs the update though.

  2. After the webcam issues when it first launched, I decided to buy an LG instead.

    And now there’s this. Perhaps when this and the webcam get fixed in version 2.0, this will finally be an Apple product worth buying.

    Of course, that will be what year? Given Apple’s blistering pace for monitor development, maybe 2035. /s

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