Apple preps iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and more for September special event

Within just a few weeks, Apple will likely hold its annual September special media event where its expected to release the new iPhone 14 family, with much clearer delineation between the “regular” and the Pro models. Also expected: Apple Watch Series 8 and a new ruggedized “Apple Watch Extreme” with a 50mm display, 7% larger than the largest Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm), encased in the toughest metal casing Apple’s ever offered in an Apple Watch.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max (left) and iPhone 14 Pro with notch-free pill and hole punch TrueDepth camera system design (Image source: @aaple_lab)
The iPhone 14 Pro Max (left) and iPhone 14 Pro with notch-free pill and hole punch TrueDepth camera system design (Image source: @aaple_lab)

José Adorno for 9to5Mac:

The iPhone 14 series will be the star of the Apple September event. With four new models set to be introduced, expect a lot of hype from a new iPhone 14 Plus/Max.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will get at least a new body temperature sensor and a better battery life. The Apple Watch SE will likely be updated while Apple is also readying a rugged “Pro” version of the current watch with a different design and premium finish.

Apart from the iPhone 14 series and new Apple Watch models, Apple could introduce at its September event the new AirPods Pro 2.

During Apple’s September event, the company could revive Steve Jobs’s “One More Thing” phrase to tease the company’s upcoming Mixed Reality headset.

Rumors currently expect it to be unveiled as soon as late this year and start being sold in 2023. The Apple September event could be the perfect timing for Apple to disclose to the public that it’s entering a new market.

MacDailyNews Take: It seems a long way off from here in the middle of the dog days of summer, but mid-September is just over 6 weeks away!

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  1. My expectations for the September event:
    New iPhones: Guaranteed
    New Watches: Probable
    New AirPods: Possible
    New Macs using M2 variants: Unlikely
    Pre Announcement of Mixed Reality Headset (View ?): Unlikely

  2. Going into the Christmas buying season Apple is not going to reveal an unbuyable future product. Mixed Reality headset = 0% chance of Fall sneak peak. Why not June 2023 at WWDC where it literally makes sense to reveal this device for sale in Fall 2023?

    Also I expect 0 leaks about the Extreme Watch. My guess is they won’t even be assembling them until after the September event. 2021 showed they can do all that work in 6-8 weeks. So mid-September reveal, late October for sale. I think this watch will be revolutionary in more ways than body temp and bigger battery. It will also be expensive. $949-$1299 is my guess. Look for its design language to percolate to iPhone in 2023 and maybe the headset.

  3. Now is the time to release a renewed flagship Mac Pro.

    You know it would be a huge favor to all the hand wringing sissies chanting RECESSION if Apple would stop tempting them with new made in Chyyyyna consumer gadgets. Apple should take this opportunity to pivot to deep pocketed corporate buyers.

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      1. I’ve learned that “meteorological seasons” are full months, three per season. These are how most people think of the seasons unless they’re sticklers. WINTER: December, January, February. SPRING: March, April, May, SUMMER: June, July, August, FALL: September, October, November.

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