Apple buys 67-acre San Diego campus for $445 million

Apple confirmed Tuesday that it has acquired the seven-building Rancho Vista Corporate Center in Rancho Bernardo, a master-planned community in the northern hills of the city of San Diego, for $445 million.

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Mike Freeman for The San Diego Union-Tribune:

The deal is believed to be Apple’s first commercial property purchase in San Diego. Up until now, the iPhone maker has leased buildings in University City and Rancho Bernardo as part of its previously announced plans to employ 5,000 workers locally by 2026.

“We’ve been part of the community in San Diego for more than two decades and are thrilled to continue investing here as we expand our world-class teams,” said Apple in a statement.

Apple Inc. is named as the buyer of the 67.6-acre campus… in a deed recorded Tuesday with San Diego County…

While the Rancho Bernardo sites are relatively close to each other, they are not necessarily within comfortable working distance, said Joshua Ohl, the San Diego director of market analytics for CoStar. He thinks Apple may view the Rancho Vista site as a place to consolidate operations in the future.

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    1. One might agree with the preliminary fiscal assessment, or ask for more details to understand why Cook decided to buy such high price real estate. But then you had to insult the whole state. Way to win friends, dude.

      Stop buying Apple stuff
      Sell your AAPL stock
      Don’t ever travel to California

    2. It used to be the rest of the country looked up to California as the state to emulate… Now, it’s turned into an example of what not to do and how not to administrate a state. Pity. I used to love it there but can’t bear to see it devolve any more. Until the Royal Family of California is removed… it will just continue to degrade.

      1. Shhhh, stop confusing the paid MDN trolls with facts. They’re busy trying to inject Covid or divisionist politics into every article, with MDN’s implicit approval. No wonder the right wing whining has killed any civil discussion here.

        1. Sam/first: stupidity is pasting haterade posts saying Apple paid too much per acre when Apple is buying a developed campus, Rancho Vista Corporate Center,with 809,000 sq ft office space for 5000 people in a highly desirable city. That is cheap compared to the art gallery prices Apple has sunk into some of its retail stores, but apparently that was okay before.

          If you’re cheap, don’t buy Apple or Tesla or anything else designed in California. Your self-triggering problem would be solved.

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