Apple Maps finally gets multi-stop routing in iOS 16

Finally, Apple Maps on iOS 16 is getting one of the most long-requested features: the ability to add multi-stop routing. Up to 15 locations can be added per route.

Apple Maps finally gets multi-stop routing in iOS 16

José Adorno for MacRumors:

One of the most important features is multi-stop routing. With that, you can add multiple stops along your driving route in Maps. In addition, you can plan a route with multiple stops on your Mac and it will sync to your iPhone.

Apple Maps in iOS 16 also brings:

• Transit fares: See how much your journey will cost with transit fares;

• Transit cards in Maps: Add transit cards to Wallet, see low balances, and replenish your card, all without leaving Maps.

MacDailyNews Take: The last main reason to revert to Google Maps disappears.

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  1. It’s about time!
    Hey, ever tried the function „add a stop“? It would be a good idea but Apple messed this one up. It’s too complicated to explain. But try it out when you are not driving.

  2. Nope! Still no sign of “Find a [store name] along this route.”

    How is this stuff absent for so long? All the info is there, why so slow on development?

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