After Steve Jobs’ death, dysfunction ran rampant within Apple’s design team

Not unsurprisingly, given Steve Jobs’ intense interest in hardware design, dysfunction ran rampant within Apple’s design team after Jobs’ death.

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Tripp Mickle for Fast Company:

In 2016, Jony Ive was contending with growing unrest within his design team at Apple. Ive had stepped down from day-to-day management duties, and Richard Howarth was elevated to vice president of design. This had created tension as Howarth had gone from ordinary member to leader of a close-knit group of about 20.

Ive had spent more than a decade working under Steve Jobs to become one of the most powerful people at Apple. His word was final. But Howarth didn’t have that standing. Ive’s absence created a vacuum, and other leaders at the company tried to fill it. For all Howarth’s gifts as a designer, he could become defensive and passionate when engineers challenged him. Such outbursts increased as operationally minded executives and engineers with seniority sought to increase their influence over designs…

MacDailyNews Take: All it took was just one look at Apple’s TV’s original Siri Remote, developed circa 2014, three years after Jobs’ death, to know there was some serious trouble in paradise.

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      1. But surely MDN meant “unsurprisingly” rather than “not unsurprisingly.” (And that’s precisely why you should avoid double negatives: if they’re so confusing that the author screws it up, imagine how confusing it is to the reader.)

    1. How could I forget the magnificent designs from Jobs/Forstall iOS eye candy versions 1-6, followed by Jony flat confusing abstract design of iOS 7 that continues to offend to this day 10 versions of bland design…

  1. Dysfunction run rampant… is this about Apple or DC? Ive checked out. Joe never checked in. Stock market is down. TV remote sucked. Gas is 6 per gal. Mac Books were 0.5mm too thin. Kamala is MIA abandoned by her party. MacBooks were missing a port here and there… and here. Only 5 Dems dare endorse Joe for 2024. Rampant dysfunction

      1. Your position is overly simplistic. Yes, the President is not the sole factor in setting the price of gas at the pump. However, neither is the President an insignificant player. Biden’s policies have curbed gas exploration, limited movement of oil, restricted investment in the oil industry, and with complete intentionality and forethought moved us from oil independence to dependence on foreign oil nations. It is Biden’s intention to drive the price of gas high enough that more people buy EVs. If you don’t see Biden’s finger prints on the price of gas it’s only because you don’t want to.

        1. I wonder why conservatives didn’t whine like this when gas prices went up during Bush’s government.

          During Bush: “Oh, gas is up because of the Irak war and the market demand. The president has no responsibility!”

          During Biden: “Oh, fucking liberals! Biden is the sole responsible for the gas price increases! Hang Joe Biden!”

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