Will Apple surprise with a new hardware product at WWDC 2022?

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) kicks off on Monday, June 6th. While the event is traditionally a software-centric affair, Apple has been known to unveil new hardware at the event, notably multiple Mac Pro models, the original HomePod, and even iPhones (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4). Will Apple surprise with a new hardware product at WWDC 2022?

Apple’s WWDC 2022 kicks off June 6th with keynote address
Apple’s WWDC 2022 kicks off June 6th with keynote address

Recent rumor mill chatter has focused strongly on an all-new MacBook Air powered by an as-yet-unreleased Apple M2 SoC.

Daniel Kuhn and Katherine Ross for TheStreet:

Chris Versace, co-portfolio manager of Action Alerts PLUS, said given concerns with iPhone production, it is increasingly important that Apple show it has the next consumer obsession coming down the line.

“Apple is going to need to debut something new,” Versace said.

Versace said potential surprises could include a new MacBook Air or signs that Apple’s long-awaited augmented reality goggles are coming down the line.

MacDailyNews Take: In terms of hardware, an all-new M2 MacBook Air is most probable for WWDC 2022. Hopefully, some major virtual and augmented reality hints are dropped that presage Apple’s mixed-reality headset, too!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Mac Pro announcement, with M2 Ultra. The last TWO Mac Pro models AND iMac Pro were announced at a WWDC and released later in their respective years. If Apple does not announce a new Mac Pro at WWDC 2022, it probably means Apple will miss the self-imposed two-year deadline (later his year) for completing the Apple Silicon transition. And go into 2023 with “Intel inside” THE flagship Mac. It would be embarrassing. The presenter near the end of Mac Studio introduction said Mac Pro was upcoming (to clarify that Mac Studio was not the new Mac Pro), and it completed the transition.

  2. Why would they make the low end consumer laptop with the lowest $ profit the first with an M2? Maybe a spec bump such as more storage size and that will be it for the Air.

  3. It is becoming increasingly clear that Apple without a large screen iMac is missing a key hardware segment and will lose customers (like me) who will just limp along with Intel inside hardware.

    1. I agree. A 30-32″ iMac is vitally important. Enough with 27″ already. I use a 32″ monitor with my 2019 Mac Pro and won’t accept anything smaller now.

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