Apple’s new ‘Data Auction’ TV ad drives home the iPhone privacy message

Apple is known for many things, but its commitment to user privacy (excluding last summer’s near-disaster) and its (sometimes) iconic ad campaigns rank near the top. The latest TV ad from the company very nicely combines the two.

Apple iPhone privacy

Michael Grothaus for FastCompany:

In a new 90-second spot called “Data Auction,” Apple’s full creativity is on display. But the ad also does a terrific job of informing viewers—and, most likely, frightening many of them—about how their personal data is traded by powerful data brokers all day long.

The new campaign from Apple is rather timely as well. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) just published a report on real-time bidding, the process brokers and advertisers use to track you and sell your data. The ICCL’s report reveals that “a person in the U.S. has their online activity and location exposed 747 times every day,” and that in total, U.S. internet users will see their location and online behavior data “tracked and shared 107 trillion times” each year.

While Apple’s new privacy ad isn’t tied specifically to the ICCL’s new report, it helps visualize just how this mass tracking occurs…

MacDailyNews Take: Brilliant! Apple should continue with this series and pound the privacy message home.

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  1. It is also true, dopey as it overlays in actual time, the company that is heralding it’s privacy protection of those that use their devices, happens also to be raking in billions, upon billions of wealth, as a result of their very cozy relationship with the only country in the World that obliterates the privacy of its citizens, kills and tortures thousands and exports totalitarian anti-privacy measures all over the World.

    Any commenter, after this post that denies, dismisses, or disputes…and there are those, you must be in denial, or morally wooden.

    A thousand dollars bet, the poster above is a pompous liberal that thinks almost all are idiots, except, of course_them.

  2. Just today I was talking iPhone to iPhone with a friend. He was asking my thoughts on Apple Watch. In my answer, I mentioned checking with his phone carrier because mine occasionally offers $150 discounts on Apple Watch. No sooner had we ended the call but my provider called offering a $150 discount on Apple Watch. Hmm! 🤔

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