Apple TV+ reveals teaser video for ‘The Problem With Jon Stewart,’ premiering weekly starting March 3rd

Apple TV+ on Thursday reveals a sneak-peek at the new episodes of the Writers Guild Award-nominated series “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” which will return in a new weekly format, beginning Thursday, March 3, along with the series’ official companion podcast.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” will will return in a new weekly format, beginning Thursday, March 3rd
“The Problem With Jon Stewart” will will return in a new weekly format, beginning Thursday, March 3rd

In this teaser video, Stewart is back in front of a studio audience sharing laughs, jokes and most importantly “problems,” as he tackles the stock market and Robinhood and speaks with SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, giving viewers an idea of what’s in store this season.

Jon Stewart, recipient of this year’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, leads with compassion and humor as he takes a deep dive into some of the most enduring, deeply-entrenched issues of our time in the Apple Original series.

The weekly companion podcast, recently nominated for an Ambie Award for audio excellence, expands the conversation from each series episode, featuring staff writers from across the show who have conversations with activists in the space, share facts on the issue, and of course, bring plenty of jokes.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” is hosted and executive produced by Stewart through his Busboy Productions. The series is executive produced by showrunner Brinda Adhikari, alongside Stewart’s longtime manager James Dixon, and Richard Plepler through his Eden Productions, which has an exclusive overall production deal with Apple. Chris McShane is co-executive producer, Lorrie Baranek is supervising producer, and Chelsea Devantez is head writer.

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  1. “The Problem With Jon Stewart” is that there’s zero buzz. Negative buzz, if that’s possible. A vacuum of viewership. I doubt more than 1,000 people are streaming that leftist propaganda bullshit at any given time.

    Overheard on Apple WebEx meeting re: “The Problem With Jon Stewart”

    “Well, okay. So, it’s failing. But, we paid Jon all that money, so let’s try it as a weekly and push the podcast. We’ll milk it a bit before we mercifully pull the plug on old, and I do mean old, Jon, formerly-useful leftist pawn.”

  2. First: please find something productive to do with your life.

    Spreading your misanthropy here on a supposed Mac website is beyond pathetic. You haven’t seen a thing Stewart has delivered in his latest series, and already you’re flaying FUD and misinformation like a paid troll. Stewart has historically skewered extremists from all ends of the political spectrum, calling out irrationality and hypocrisy wherever it is. Too bad you and your puny platform can’t do the same.

  3. Hey Kenny TI — if you don’t like it don’t read it. Some of us enjoy reading both sides of each issue and why in hell should you feel the need to attempt to deny us that right?

    Get lost you Soviet style commissar who thinks he’s our protector. Beat it.

    1. “citizen”, did you have a point to make or are you here simply to expose your fact-free accusation tendencies?

      You think you get “both sides” here? Some of us find MDN’s censorship as despicable as the bullshit you and your cronies barf all over a ‘Mac” website. We don’t need your additional opinions and meme labeling to decide what to read or write. MDN actively supports the trump camp while removing anyone else.

      If you actually did appreciate “both sides” (brainwashed simpletons think every issue has only 2 sides), then why did you add a 3rd post to this non-Mac page, clearly with the attempt to take one of the sides? Admit it, you’re a paid partisan hack. You and First don’t debate issues, you hurl juvenile insults and repost party propaganda.

      If MDN had a backbone, it would moderate this page exactly as they claim to in their user guide, removing all the political haterade from FirstThen and all off-topic shouting. It would keep this site all Mac related and move its true love, rabid right wing red meat feasts, to a website dedicated to that purpose. No US political party, right or left, deserves any space on a computer forum.

      But since google ad pusher MDN loves to stoke partisan destruction of US cooperation and respectful discourse, the best we normal people can do is call out the inflammatory off-topic rants.

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