Apple’s forthcoming 2022 iPhone SE 5G is going to sell like crazy

Apple’s new 5G-capable third generation iPhone SE is expected to be released in early March. It’s expected that the $399 starting price will remain the same, as will the exterior design, featuring the “classic” Home button with Touch ID, and a processor bump. For the 5G alone, at $339 for a real iPhone, Apple only real issue is: Can they make enough of them?

Apple's forthcoming 2022 iPhone SE 5G is going to sell like crazy

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

It will feature a 4.7-inch LCD display with thick bezels and a Touch ID Home button, making it Apple’s most modern ‌iPhone‌ that still offers ‌Touch ID‌. All other iPhones have transitioned to Face ID, and there are rumors that future versions of the low-cost ‌iPhone‌ will do so as well, but not at this time.

The back of the device will be made of glass to facilitate wireless charging, but it won’t include MagSafe technology.

The 2022 model is expected to get a newer, faster chip. Apple could opt to go with the A15 chip, putting it on par with the ‌iPhone 13‌ models, though we’ve also heard a rumor about the A14.

The ‌iPhone SE‌ is expected to feature an updated camera, and it could adopt the latest Wide-Angle camera from the ‌iPhone 13‌.

MacDailyNews Take: The 5G iPhone SE is going to sell like crazy at $399. We’re hoping Apple is able to bump up the $399 base model from 64GB to 128GB and the $449 model from 128GB to 256GB. But, even if the onboard storage stays the same, being able to get a real 5G capable iPhone for $399 is going to open up many markets for Apple. Hopefully the company will have stockpiled enough to satisfy demand!

For the iPhone SE to follow this upcoming model, we expect Apple to finally do away with the Home button, being on Face ID and an edge-to-edge display, but that will have to wait until the component pricing is right (which should be the case in 2024 or so when that model’s release arrives).

Interns: TTK, quick! Everyone: Prost! 🍻🍻🍻

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    Even Jimmy Swaggart amd Tammy Faye Baker couldn’t promise that!

  2. The existing iPhone SE probably would have stayed in the lineup for one more year, except Apple wanted it to have 5G sooner rather than later. This new model with A15 will likely have a three-year run.

    Many (like MDN) assume Apple wants to do away with Home Button and Touch ID, but cost is the issue at the low end. There’s another possibility. It’s by design that current low-end devices (iPhone SE, iPad, and iPod touch) ALL still have a Home Button with Touch ID. It’s because having that button there is more intuitive than a featureless screen going edge to edge. You don’t have to tell a novice to swipe up from bottom of screen to return to Home Screen; they’ll just press that big friendly button because it’s obvious. And its presence provides “handles” to make holding device easier without touching or blocking screen. That’s why the three devices targeting new Apple customers have the Home Button. They also provide an option for existing customers who don’t want Face ID and like the “classic” design.

  3. I’m slightly puzzled that MagSafe technology isn’t included. It doesn’t seem to require expensive components, but it does offer an excellent universal mounting system for use in vehicles.

    Wireless charging is already included in the SE II, so I would expect wireless charging on its replacement, but why not MagSafe too?

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