The Netherlands fines Apple for failing to meet App Store payment system rules

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets has fined Apple for failing to allow rival payment systems for dating-app providers. The ACM had previously dictated that Apple to allow dating-apps to offer other payment systems either next to or instead of Apple’s own payment system no later than January 15th.

Apple's App Store on iPhone
Apple’s App Store on iPhone

Cagan Koc for Bloomberg News:

Although the fine — just 5 million euros ($5.7 million) every week with a total limit of 50 million euros — is a fraction of Apple’s $365.8 billion-annual revenue, the decision is a sign regulators are hardening their resolve against the U.S. firm’s payment methods.

“Apple has raised several barriers for dating-app providers to the use of third-party payment systems,” which is at odds with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, according to the statement on ACM’s website.

MacDailyNews Take: How will Apple ever afford a $57 million maximum fine? Seriously, it’ll take Apple a something like a whole hour to generate that sum.

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  1. It’s about demonstrating the power they have and what they can do if they don’t comply.

    Bit like someone driving a supercar and getting a fine for parking illegally… continue to do so and your fines will continue coming until the punishment ends up getting even worse than just having to pay the fines, eventually you’ll lose your license regardless of the fines.

    In this case, Apple will have to comply or they will end up getting into even more trouble.

    It sounds like their proposed solution isn’t acceptable either, no requiring developers to get entitlements in order to link out or accept payments within apps it seems.

  2. The fine might end up more than $57M depending on the exchange rate over the 10 weeks. It’s also not just this instance but the setting of a precedent for other countries to also begin charging the same type of penalties.

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