Apple pushes iPhone users to iOS 15, iPad users to iPadOS 15

When Apple first unveiled iOS 15 and iPad OS 15, the company announced that the upgrade wouldn’t be compulsory for people who wanted to stay with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, respectively. The new operating systems would still be offered to compatible devices, but iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 would keep getting security updates for those who chose not to install the newer OS.

iOS 15

Andrew Cunningham for Ars Technica:

But last week, 9to5Mac and others noticed that the iOS 14.8.1 update had stopped being offered to phones running iOS 14. The only upgrade option was for the latest version of iOS 15, currently 15.2.1. We’ve confirmed with Apple that this isn’t an error; iOS 14 is no longer being updated, and anyone who wants the latest security updates will also need to accept the other changes in iOS 15.

Apple told Ars that it always intended the iOS 14 security update option to be temporary…

That does make a certain kind of sense, but the company never actually made it explicit before now. The features page for iOS 15 merely says that users can “continue on iOS 14 and still get important security updates,” with no mention of any sort of time limit. It’s also not consistent with how Apple handles macOS, where the two previous versions of the OS continue to receive security updates in (albeit imperfect) lockstep with the latest macOS version.

MacDailyNews Take: In other words, looks like Apple’s surveillance scheme involving the installation of backdoors to scan users’ photo libraries, ostensibly for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), but which could easily be bastardized to scan for political images, words, etc., it about to launch – whether Apple tells users about it or tries to surreptitiously slip it into coming updates.

Keep vigilant! We certainly will.

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  1. Not Updating .. not until Apple/Tim come out and officially announce the abandonment of their SNEAKY, ON DEVICE, MASS SURVEILLANCE ATTEMPTS under the guise of Virtue……CSAM!

    Those concened… please write about your objections to APPLE and TIM COOK directly!
    ( google his email )

  2. I will not be updating my iPad Pro 2021 from iOS 14 to iOS 15. First, iOS 15 is riddled with bugs. Second, certain apps on my iPhone 13 Pro will not re-install weather it’s due to the ProMotion display issues or iOS 15 is blocking them. Lastly, I have upgraded my Apple devices every year for over a decade but will not anymore. I’m sick of seeing good apps disappear from the App Store, I’m sick of the bugs in iOS releases and that includes macOS… Apple needs to just stop releasing yearly updates for a while and focus on macOS and iOS get get the 💩 flawless

    1. If the worst they can do is the annoying red notification badge for Settings, I’ll live with it for as long as I can. The problem is that they will keep pushing harder and harder, I already had to delete an iOS15 “upgrade” that downloaded in the background. The prompts to move to Monterey are becoming more frequent on my Mac too. If they don’t back off on the control-freak surveillance stuff, I’ll be selling off my Apple devices (AAPL shares included) and truly upgrading to the most privacy-oriented gear I can find.

      Tech has become so evil and demoralizing these days that surgically removing it from your life whenever possible is an investment in your health and longevity. Besides all that, you’re right about the bugs and software degeneration. Give me a rock-solid and lightning fast Snow Leopard and iOS 7 (Steve Jobs-approved, familiar and friendly skeuomorphism and all).

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