iMazing app updated to easily detect ‘Pegasus’ spyware on iPhone

Based on zero-day vulnerabilities to collect data from smartphones without user consent, Pegasus spyware was created by the NSO group. Now the iMazing app has been updated to include a new tool that can easily detect Pegasus spyware on iPhone.

iMazing app updated to easily detect 'Pegasus' spyware on iPhone

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

As we reported last month, Amnesty International has released a tool that helps users detect if a device has been infected with Pegasus. However, this method is quite complicated for a regular user as it requires compiling code available on GitHub. Luckily, iMazing has now implemented the same detection methodology in the latest version of its software.

Starting with iMazing 2.14 for macOS or Windows, the app is able to detect Pegasus spyware on iPhone. All you have to do is connect your device to a computer and then run the Spyware Detection using the iMazing app. However, as iMazing itself acknowledges, you probably won’t need this as “the vast majority of iPhone users aren’t at risk.”

MacDailyNews Take: Getting started only requires the anonymous download and installation of iMazing 2.14 on a Mac or crappy Windows PC. The feature is fully available without purchasing a license. More info here.


  1. Has there been an app released that will detect iMazing, potentially, scoping out things defined as user safety at the expense of privacy…because they care?

    This just in, zoom app will run 24-7 to ensure there’s no spousal abuse in a household and that children are eating the govt prescribed daily value of broccoli. Information culled will only be “thumbnails.”

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