Medical autonomy app Unjected banned by Apple over ‘misinformation’

A new social app, Unjected, designed as a community for the unvaccinated is has been pulled from the App Store by Apple over “misinformation” regarding COVID-19 vaccines.


Jackie Davalos for Bloomberg:

Unjected, started by two women from Hawaii, bills itself as a community for “like-minded people that support medical autonomy and free speech.” The app allows users to make a profile, match and message with other members. It launched in May shortly after the largest online dating sites, including Match Group’s Tinder and Bumble Inc., introduced perks to encourage users to get vaccinated. Sometimes dubbed the “Tinder for anti-vaxxers,” Unjected has since racked up 18,000 downloadss, according to Apptopia…

Though the platform began as a site for dating and friendships, it recently rolled out a social feed. A routine update to the app triggered a review by Google Play that found it hadn’t sufficiently policed user-generated content for misinformation. In emails to Unjected, Google flagged posts that included claims of vaccines being “experimental mRNA gene modifiers,” “bioweapons” and “nano-technology microchips” used to link people to the 5G network. Google told Unjected on July 16 it had two weeks to remove the posts from its app store or get booted off.

Apple removed the app from its App Store after being contacted by Bloomberg News. In an email to Unjected, Apple said the app “inappropriately refers to the Covid-19 pandemic in its concept or theme.” Apple requires all apps related to Covid-19 provide credible health and safety information and only come from recognized entities including government organizations, health-focused non-profits and medical or educational institutions.

MacDailyNews Take: Unjected’s website is:

By the way, there are an uncountable numbers of posts on Twitter that call COVID-19 vaccines “experimental gene modifiers,” “nano-technology microchips,” “bioweapons,” and the like.

Interestingly, the Twitter app remains available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.


    1. Presupposing that by “right for free speech,“ you are referring to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, Apple has no legal obligation to comply with the First Amendment since it is not a governmental entity.

      Even if Apple were construed to be a governmental entity, I would argue the First Amendment has not been violated here. The United States Supreme Court has made clear in its rulings that there are limits to free speech. Language that incites violence or jeopardizes the public health, safety or welfare, can be limited by governmental entities. This misinformation regarding a life-saving vaccine, in my opinion, equates to speech that jeopardizes public health and welfare.

      1. “This misinformation regarding a life-saving vaccine, …”

        Tell that to the 11,000 dead and over 550,000 that have had adverse effects, many of whom suffer long-term and even permanent life-altering effects… in the US alone… (MANY more in Europe and beyond).

        And these numbers only represent a fraction of the cases since it is a voluntary reporting system, the these cases are grossly under-reported, often due to dismissal and denying of causal symptoms…

        And now reports are showing that in some cases (Israel) the vast majority of new cases are among the vaccinated, and in one California county, the death rate is 6 TIMES higher among the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated.

        What is “life-saving” about all that? How many need to suffer to keep the rest “safe”?

          1. the math doesn’t add up ron for the risks. in the USA there have been about 34mil positive cases of those 500k have died (less than 2%). there are over 310bil USA citizens in the USA using this number the numbers of deaths equates to less than .001 of 1%. if you decided to get it i hope it works out for you. please note the pfizer vaccine is being studied and it looks like it is only effective at full strength for only four months. the side effects of these vaccines was not tested enough on people with conditions and it is begginkng to show in the numbers. just for the record i got moderna, some in my family got pfizer and nobody go j&j

            1. JC,

              The following misinformation in your post shows why Apple acted and MDN should:

              The United States has 330 million people not 310 billion.

              There have been 613,200 Covid deaths, not 500k.

              The per capita death toll is thus 0.185%, not less than 0.001%

              There have been 35 million cases, not 34.

              The gross mortality rate is thus 1.75%. That is for the US; the worldwide rate is 3.6%, but that may be either an artifact of less testing or a reflection of greater resources in the US health system. Those resources are not inexhaustible.

              Although you ignore it, almost 6 million Americans were sick enough to require hospitalization. Currently, the Austin Metropolitan Region has less than ten available ICU beds for well over 2 million people in 13 counties (who are continuing to have auto accidents and heart attacks, besides avoidable Covid-19 cases). Many of the survivors have serious ongoing health issues that also require care.

              For comparison, the 10-year average of about 28,645,000 flu cases per year has a 1.6% hospitalization rate and a 0.13% mortality rate. CV19 is currently about 14 times more deadly with a 20% overall hospitalization rate.

              If that 1.75% case mortality rate continued uncontrolled for the 295 million Americans who have not already been infected, that would be an additional 5 million dead, even assuming 0 deaths from a second infection.

              However, we do have a vaccine. More than 339 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. (11,000 is a number that Gateway Pundit plucked out of thin air.) Given that the age group that has been vaccinated skews older, it is not surprising that so many have died of other causes. There is no data at all on how many deaths—if any—were caused by the vaccine, but it appears very, very low

              But even if every one of those 6207 were caused by the virus, would you rather face a 0.0018% risk from vaccination or a 0.185% risk of dying from a coronavirus infection? Only a complete idiot would increase his chances of death by over a hundred times when there was an easy free alternative.

              Of course, only a complete idiot would see this as a “liberal” versus “conservative” political issue in the first place.

            2. You are a loser who’s on the losing side of history. You hate freedom. You support centralized leftist establishment corrupt authoritarianism.

              You are fearful, not brave.

              This is still the home of the brave, not the fearful. Twitter is the home of the fearful, not the brave.

              You are afraid of the common cold. You and your ideas are weak, therefore, you will lose in the end.

            1. You, sir, are just a fucking idiot. This isn’t about freedom. Do you stop for traffic lights? Isn’t that an assault on your freedom? Fool. The sooner the delta variant eliminates you all the better the world will be.

        1. I don’t believe a single “fact“ you cite. Please post links to the sources of your data. Kindly omit links to Twitter, Instagram, and the like. Include only information from reliable scientific sources and peer-reviewed journals.

          If you are unable or unwilling to do that, then bug off.

          1. Sorry, we are only allowed to quote from unreliable sources such as CNN, FB and Twitter because all scientific sources and peer-reviewed journals have been banned, blocked, cancelled, labeled has hate crimes and (or) deleted.

            1. Your delusion that everybody is out to get you is almost as dangerous as the delusion that a disease that has killed millions is “the sniffles,” or “a weak flu.” Not quite, of course, since many of those deaths were preventable if people and their governments had taken the novel coronavirus seriously.

            2. Most of those who dies from COVID-19 were severely compromised (save your rare example of a “healthy” young person dying from COVID (and they very likely weren’t all that healthy if they couldn’t survive COVID).

              They would have died from the flu/pneumonia, etc. as usual.

              Those who died from COVID has, on average, 2.9 comorbidities, were obese, asthmatic, and/or old. They were knocking on death’s door anyway, COVID just happened to answer.

              Fools like you either ratchet up the hype for political purposes (unlimited mail-in votes lacing a chain of custody can be corrupted to elect even dementia patients and unqualified spread eagle running mates) or you’re so stupid that you actually believe Faucionian nonsense.

            3. Shapiro’s point is that getting mildly ill post-vaccination is not a reason for panic. Only by twisting his words out of recognition do you get to your argument that a case of Covid-19 is no big deal for the unvaccinated, so they needn’t bother with libturd stuff like that, masks, testing, contact tracing, isolation, and social distancing.

              When the average age of patients is 42, it seems obvious that there aren’t just a few “rare examples” under 65. You can’t even get past that with the circular argument that everybody who dies of the virus must have been at death’s door anyway, and we know that because they died of a virus that wouldn’t have killed them otherwise.

              After almost two years, you still don’t understand that there is a qualitative difference between the cause of a death and other conditions that might be present. Almost every death certificate lists additional conditions, but it doesn’t mean that a murder or auto accident victim died of their co-morbidities, rather than the listed cause of death.

            4. @TxUser there you go again twisting and misrepresenting the facts and using red herrings… must be your favourite dish…

              More significant is the fact that the average age of death is 82, same as the average age of death in general. And over 80% of deaths were the elderly, and the majority of the rest are those with pre-existing conditions.

              As for death records, though I am well aware of your supposed work in this area, you misrepresent how those records get interpreted and applied statistically prior to COVID. The CDC VERY CLEARLY changed the rules and hospitals were/are incentivized to declare cases as COVID based, skewing results. Many others followed suit.

              Irrespective, your focus on current average age is moot and irrelevant… First it focuses on so-called ‘cases’… which is utterly meaningless. It also ignores the fact that the current so-called variant is far less deadly, in the range of the typical flu, by most accounts.

              But you clearly are addicted to fear porn… Go watch “Children of the Corn” or something to get your fix…

          2. Fish, I am getting tired of responding to massive lies that have absolutely no basis in reality. If you aren’t bothered by leading people to their deaths, and your supporters are willing to be led to their deaths, there isn’t much I can do about it. At least there will be fewer of you around to infect the rest of us.

      2. It’s not a legal issue.

        It is a business decision, and they are indeed stifling free speech.

        Whether you agree with it, whether it us legally protected, whether it is accurate are not the issue.

      1. Country Joe sounds like City Lib to me.

        “If you allow the government to break the law because of an emergency, they will always create an emergency to break the law.” – Alex Lains

        “Get off your freaking ass, and fight for your country!”

          1. Omg! A pandemic with a 99% survival rate, but with lasting effects! I much prefer my pandemics with a 1% survival rate with no lasting effects. I’m not a doctor, but if an illness doesn’t sicken and kill, is it still a pandemic?

            Side note… I thought the survival rate for fully vaccinated (breakthrough cases) was closer to 99.999%. We’ll have to check the “science” for the latest numbers.

      1. If I am dead, how do I act as a mutation factory? You are vaccinated, can’t you spread covid, too? Isn’t that why YOU are supposed to be wearing a mask? You are vaccinated, but YOU can spread it! So, if you want to be safe, get vaccinated, put a mask on and stay home. All the stupid unvaccinated unmasked people running around are going to die from delta. ALL of them. Meanwhile, you are safe at home. Problem solved.

        1. You are acting as a mutation factory if you are among the 98% of infected people who survive. You will be acting as a mutation factory if you are among the 20% of infected people who spend days or weeks in a hospital full of vulnerable sick people and essential health workers. If you die, you are acting as a mutation factory for the average four weeks or so between your initial infection and your death, two weeks of which you will likely spend in a hospital. We already have a variant that spreads from 2 to 5 times faster than the original (the difference between 8 cases after three generations and up to 729 cases after three generations). We do not need people out there needlessly breeding something even worse.

          I do not have the choice of staying home. I have to go get food. If I worked in a hospital or grocery store, I would have to go to work. I live in a state where public facilities (and even many private businesses) are legally required to admit unmasked and unvaccinated individuals who are not inclined to keep their distance. I am vaccinated and can wear a mask, but that is not perfect protection against the mutation factories walking among us.

          Besides, why should the responsible majority of Americans be placed on house arrest just so that a selfish minority can avoid a minor inconvenience?

          1. “You are acting as a mutation factory if you are among the 98% of infected people who survive.”

            What 98% survive? Are you sure? I’m disappointed in you, TXy. Check your numbers again!

            “We already have a variant that spreads from 2 to 5 times faster than the original (the difference between 8 cases after three generations and up to 729 cases after three generations).”

            You forgot the part about delta being more dangerous, not just spreading faster. TXy, you gotta porn it up, or your message won’t get through to the selfish and uneducated.

            1. The actual figure in the latest data is 98.25% of those who have tested positive. The survival rate is, of course, much lower than that it you count only those who show symptoms. Similarly, the hospitalization rate is about 20% among those who test positive, but much higher among those who show symptoms.

              The initial strain of the virus had a multiplication rate (R0) about the same as seasonal flu, spreading at the rate of 1, 2, 4, 8 in about 30 days. The Delta variant has an R0 about the same as chickenpox, spreading (in the worst case) at the rate of 1, 9, 81, 729. If you apply the current hospitalization rate to that, a single case today could put 150 in the hospital by September. To repeat, the 13 counties around Austin already have fewer than 10 ICU beds available.

              As you point out, the Delta variant also seems to cause more serious illness among those who are infected, so the 20% hospitalization and 1.75% mortality rates may be about to go up, on top of the rising case rates. I didn’t mention that because most of the evidence currently is anecdotal, rather than statistical.

              A preliminary study of the outbreak following July 4 in Provincetown, MA also suggests that vaccinated persons who become infected with Delta (the vaccine seems to be about 93% effective against the original and 70% against Delta) are much less likely to become symptomatic, hospitalized, or dead, but may be just as infectious as those who were not fully vaccinated (another reason for even those who are vaccinated to observe masking and distancing protocols).

              The only people who regard Delta as “porn” are necrophiliac members of the Death Cult that has been minimizing this threat since the very beginning. How many bodies a day does it take for you get your rocks off?

            2. “The actual figure in the latest data is 98.25%”

              Uh… we are trying to follow the science here at MDN. Could you please carry out your percentages and other scary statics are few more decimal points? We just want to be accurate, of course. Don’t want any misinformation. Appreciated!

            3. The simple fact, as stated by Tx numerous times, is that life, liberty and all that normal life allows, can only happen when the pandemic is under control. The sooner you whiners, deniers and anti common sense advice – Trumpists one and all, get with the program, the sooner you can get back to your miserable sociopathic lives.

          2. Yes, I marked all the times that Pelosi did NOT arrest Nadler and herself for being maskless in the People’s House. Shame on her for a) breaking her own ridiculous and fake policy that she’d LOVE to push on you, too and b) for not arresting herself (and Naddy).

            I also marked down Bowser’s unmasked attendance at a wedding party against her own mask policy for DC.

            These wacko hypocrites are partially responsible for vaccination hesitation.

            1. Oops! My bad! Bowser Unmasked Mayor attended the party BEFORE her laughable mask mandate went into affect. A few hours before because, you know, new data and new analysis just came in showing the delta situation had suddenly and unexpectedly taken a turn for the worse. Everybody… masks on! Possible lockdowns to return. Close the schools. Oh.. I forgot, they are already closed.

              Well, I apologize for my Bowser calendar error. Errors do happen. When they do, we just… adjust and… follow the science. Don’t worry, TXy, I will keep my calendar handy for the next commie hypocritical theatrical covid act! There should be another one any minute now. I’m sure there will be many more until after the midterms next year. Gotta keep the excitement, misdirection, fear, dripping pandemic porn and misinformation going until then (or longer).

              Yeah, so why should the majority of Americans be placed under house arrest while those who put us under house arrest show us that there is no reason to be under house arrest? Seems for us, delta is the end of the world. But, for our communist leaders, it is just a minor inconvenience.

              PS Are we allowed to say ‘m-ndate’? Has that word been banned? It sound kinda male and date rapey.

          3. “I do not have the choice of staying home. I have to go get food. If I worked in a hospital or grocery store, I would have to go to work.”

            Quit or change your job. Isn’t that the message democrats are pushing on the evil unvaccinated? Doesn’t it work both ways?

            “I live in a state where public facilities (and even many private businesses) are legally required to admit unmasked and unvaccinated individuals who are not inclined to keep their distance.”

            Move. People do that all the time.

            “I am vaccinated and can wear a mask, but that is not perfect protection against the mutation factories walking among us.”

            Perfect protection? What is that? You must be a member of a teachers union.

            1. If you want perfect protection, don’t go to DC. 21 homicides in July compared to 8 covid deaths. I’m glad everyone in DC has their mask on (except the mayor, of course).

              These are the “leaders” that we are supposed to follow? Hahahahaha! Do you have to ask why nobody listens to them? Hahahaha!

              So, according to CNN (which is the porniest of the all), 999.99% of fully vaccinated Americans have not died from covid (breakthrough case). Hmmm… that IS scary. Probably should put a mask on and shut things down.

            2. Q: How much credibility does the CDC have?

              A: 0.0001% credibility

              Strangely, that is the same chance of death by covid for those fully vaccinated.

              Q: How much credibility does this fake administration have?

              A: I’m not sure, but it is probably less than 0.0001%

              I’m not a democrat, so I gotta go now. Got to put my mask on and get ready for lockdown (and homeschooling for the next three or ten years). Bye!

            3. I do not want “perfect protection.” I want the highest degree of protection that is practically possible. What I actually said is that a mask does not provide perfect protection against the people who insist on standing right next to me in the grocery store when they are not masked or vaccinated. Which it doesn’t. It would provide a much higher degree of protection if those individuals would get out of my face, wear a mask, get vaccinated, or all three. That’s all I’m asking—to face only unavoidable threats, not a totally unnecessary one.

              To repeat my question, why in God’s Name should the majority of Americans who are following best practices to avoid death or permanent disability for themselves and their families lock themselves inside, change jobs, or move to another state so that a minority can do whatever they please to avoid a minor inconvenience, no matter how much it endangers the public?

            4. Update… Don’t go to Chicago for perfect protection. 461 shootings in July.

              Whew, good thing Lightfoot’s friend Fox is Light on crime! Defund the police and don’t prosecute criminals! But, remember to wear a mask or risk jail! Yes, DA will prosecute for mask violation. At least Fox is doing something (useless).

              Love those democrat socialists (many funded by Soros)!

            5. “To repeat my question, why in God’s Name should the majority of Americans who are following best practices to avoid death or permanent disability for themselves and their families lock themselves inside, change jobs, or move to another state so that a minority can do whatever they please to avoid a minor inconvenience, no matter how much it endangers the public?”

              Finally! I agree with TXy!! Amazing!! So, to repeat my question, why in god’s name is the border wide open to infected, unmasked, unvaccinated illegals? This minority endangers the public, right? Shouldn’t the administration at least pretend to not bring in as many as possible? Or could it be covid and delta isn’t the main concern? TXy, what possible benefit could there be to the open southern border to this infected unmasked unvaccinated minority? What in god’s name could the political motivation be? It certain isn’t a health issue.

              You dare not answer. You can’t answer. Because, CDC aside… all your fancy Google numbers aside… there is no good answer.

            6. That seems like 2 different problems. Perhaps the immigration policy can be tempered with making sure those that are allowed to enter be vaccinated and cleared before proceeding further into the U.S.

            7. As Xennex suggests, immigration is a separate problem from the number of US citizens who are being infected by other US citizens who are ignoring simple public health measures.

              In any case, the southern border is hardly “open.” If it were, the Feds would be waving everyone through, rather than arresting a million of them. That includes only 468,000 unique individuals, fewer than under Trump in 2019. The rest of the arrests, well over half the total, are people who were arrested, deported, and came back. Most of the 468,000 individuals are in Mexico now, because they were deported and haven’t come back (yet). They typically aren’t in the US long enough to infect anybody and are no more likely to be infected than the US citizens in the border counties.

              Trying to blame aliens—whether brown or green—for the spread of the disease is another attempt to divert public attention from much more serious threats to public health.

            8. “But that is not perfect protection against the mutation factories walking among us.”

              What does that mean? You’ve been fully vaccinated, are wearing a mask, you are socially distancing, and your survival rate is around 99.9%. I’m no head of the untrustworthy CDC, but I’d say you are pretty damn protected. We’d all like to be MORE protected, but gee. You are probably more likely to die of heart attack while Googling contrived interpretations of data than you are of dying from covid.

          4. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and you’ll contract COVID-19 and, hopefully, have at least 2.9 comorbidities and are over the age of 75 – or even better yet, in a New York State nursing home under the “care” of one of Mario Cuomo’s retarded offspring. Then we won’t have to bother scrolling past your insipid sheeplike illogical stupidity any longer.

            1. According to the Florida Hospital Association, more than half the hospitalizations in the state are between 25 and 55. At one hospital in Jacksonville, the average age is 42. Florida has averaged 1525 adult hospitalizations and 35 pediatric admissions for Covid-19 in the last week. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

            2. What is the vaccination rate in FL for ages 25 to 55?
              What is the pediatric rate of vaccination in FL?
              What is the vaccination rate for those over 55 in FL?
              Pediatric covid deaths in FL (and elsewhere)?

              How many students went to school in FL in the last 18 months?
              How many businesses were shut down in FL in the last 18 months?
              How many people lost their livelihoods in FL in the last 18 months?

              You want zero risk? Don’t move to FL.

              Society doesn’t rotate around the CDC’s numbers (if they can be trusted). Your Googled numbers don’t scare us.

            3. I read your article. “96% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.” So, if you are fully vaccinated you should be fine? Is there some other takeaway from the article? Something new?

          5. “I live in a state where public facilities (and even many private businesses) are legally required to admit unmasked and unvaccinated individuals”

            So, you live in America? In Wuhan (and other areas of China) they bolted family members in their houses… kind of like burring servants alive with Pharaohs. It was very effective! As a matter of peer reviewed science and fact, Beijing just reported their FIRST covid case in 172 days.

            Lockdowns are VERY effective. It really is amazing, isn’t it.

            1. Wanna be safe? Then lockdown again, but his this time do a real lockdown; not a fake p–sy lockdown. Worked like a charming charm in China. You can count their monthly cases on one hand. Zero deaths. Zero

              If you want to live in the States, then you have to pay the price. Tough. Do you think your posh lifestyle doesn’t come with a cost? You must suffer from a bad case of “American Privilege.” Stomping around, pouting that you might get the sniffles. If you want to (perfectly) protected, there are better options than the USA.

            2. Yes, I live in America, which is why it is surprising that businesses are being forced by Big Brother to promote the spread of a deadly disease. The “right” of a minority of customers to avoid common-sense public health advice is being allowed to Trump the ability of business owners to protect themselves, their employees, and the reasonable majority of their customers.

              And a disease that kills 1.75% of all who catch it isn’t “the sniffles.” That dismissive attitude has helped to kill 614,000 of my fellow Americans.

  1. Apple should either ban all covid related stuff or none. You can’t side with liberals only or conservative views only. Big tech including Apple, has only been siding with liberals and liberal agendas. Thus taking a side with liberals and censoring conservatives. This is not fair nor supports free speech. Censoring is communist tactics to block out dissenting views.

    Also big tech is acting like an arm of the government since, the Biden admin are telling them who to censor. Therefore, it is a violation of first amendment rights.

      1. Funny. I’ve never seen science paid by government using apolitical dollars!

        If alternate iOS stores were allowed by Apple, there would be alternate sources of enlightenment and less morons posting about assembly elsewhere.

  2. It is fairly clear to see that this reaction to a global crisis has not been one of the so called super powers putting differences aside and getting together on the same page. Stay looney tuned for more pass on pass ports or naked people (except for their masks) with placards protesting that freedom of speech is stifled by having to wear clothes. Eventually they might stagger on the one simple taking total control solution to all of this brouhaha. If you don’t have the vaccine, you can’t buy lotto tickets.

    This pandemic is just a slap across the wrist, and it’s doing a wonderful job illustrating which countries really have it together. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

  3. Hint: It ain’t the flu!

    Steve Job’s Apple is doing what Steve Job’s Apple would never do!

    1. You are probably right. Steve Jobs tried to treat pancreatic cancer with folk medicine. Prior to his discovery that doing so would kill him, he might well have provided shamans and herbal remedy salesmen the same credibility concerning SARS-CoV-2 as actual doctors with experience and expertise in epidemiology and virology.

      That is not necessarily a good example for Steve Jobs’ Apple to follow.

      1. “…he might well have provided shamans and herbal remedy salesmen the same credibility concerning SARS-CoV-2 as actual doctors with experience and expertise in epidemiology and virology.”

        Wait, wasn’t it the science and actual doctors with experience and expertise in epidemiology and virology that got us into this situation in the first place?!

  4. Let’s follow the fake science…

    Masks don’t work
    Wear a mask
    Two weeks to flatten the curve
    Two months (years?) to flatten the curve
    Wear two masks
    Get vaccinated
    You don’t need to wear a mask
    Wear a mask
    Sunday, CDC Walensky says we only need two weeks to stop Delta
    Only 15 months (of misdirection until ’22 midterms) to flatten the curve

    So, to stop delta, let’s repeat all the things that didn’t work the first time? Sure, I trust the CDC and this (fake) administration. Yep!

    1. Your listing of ‘fake science’ recommendations lacks the context in which each recommendation was made. Most times they had to change for the more restrictive due to people not following the prior recommendation.

      1. What is the context for…

        *Nadler blatantly subbing Pelosi’s mask m-ndate ‘most of the time’?
        *Texas Democrats fleeing to DC and sparking a delta super spreader event?
        *the DC mayor not wearing her mask ‘most of the time’ at a crowded wedding party this past weekend?
        *teachers unions demanding “zero risk” which is impossible?
        *Pelosi not having herself arrested ‘most of the time’ for violating her own mask m-ndate?
        *more homicides in DC than covid deaths in July?
        *the DC mayor not m-ndating lifesaving bulletproof masks?

        And one of my m-ny favorites…

        **What is the context for bussing and flying infected, unmasked and unvaccinated ILLEGALS around the US during a delta porndemic (or at any time, for that matter) while Americans are held to a different standard (but not the leaders who set the standards, of course)?

        What is the context?

  5. “Apple requires all apps related to Covid-19 provide credible health and safety information and only come from recognized entities including government organizations, health-focused non-profits and medical or educational institutions.”

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. Just like John Brennan and James Clapper testified one way under oath during a Congressional hearing about Russia collusion and another deceitful way on CNN! Like government organizations, health-focused non-profits and medical or educational institutions never lied, misled or gave partial, incomplete and frivilous information to anyone. I wouldn’t trust ANY of these entities with what they say publicly. Nor the mainstream media in what they report. No, subpeona their phones and laptops to see what they are saying privately in emails and DM’s and to who, in order to get to the truth!

    Now, these woke Clown World run Big Tech companies are determining what’s valid. Idiots. How can Social Media silence the voices of doctors disagreeing with what Big Tech deems as correct. Hell, Social Media deletes posts deriving from these so called recognized entities, like the CDC or the Developer of mRNA (“May 31, 2021 — One of the pioneers of mRNA technology – Luigi Warren’s Twitter account, has been suspended for now.”) (“Single most qualified’ mRNA expert speaks about vaccine risks after he says YouTube banned his video”).

    How ridiculous do these actions by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Apple make Apple look? It makes Apple look like an organization run by a collection of morons on a fool’s errand!

  6. apple is a moral fraud. Banning Apps over “misinformation” but allowing the CCP a pass on mass scale genocide; Millions in slave labor camps and an estimated 60,000 ethic minorities brutally murder to harvest their organs for profit and apple bows and obeys to their true leaders. Apple is so fake, they dont give a rats ass over human life. Its all just for show, profit and power.

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