Elon Musk denies demanding to become Apple CEO; says Apple’s App Store fees are a ‘de facto global tax on the internet’

Tesla founder Elon Musk took to Twitter today to deny claims that he’d once asked to be the CEO of Apple. A new book claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Musk spoke on the phone about a potential Apple acquisition of Tesla. The book claims that Musk asked to be CEO of Apple, at which point the author claims Cook said “F– you” and hung up the phone.

Musk denies the claim categorically:

Elon Musk
Elon Musk
Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter today to criticize Apple’s App Store fees in a tweet that sides with Epic in the ongoing Epic v. Apple dispute.

“Epic is right,” wrote Musk, before going on to call Apple’s ‌App Store‌ fees a “de facto global tax on the Internet.”

Musk earlier this week made veiled comments about ‌App Store‌ fees, but today’s statement is a much more direct criticism.

During Tesla’s earnings call, Musk said that Tesla was planning to let other companies use its charger network because Tesla does not want to “create a walled garden” and use that to “bludgeon” competitors. Musk said that this is a tactic used by “some companies,” and then he fake coughed and said “Apple.”

MacDailyNews Take: In May, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney admitted under oath that Apple’s App Store cut is similar to stores in gaming consoles.

Are console app stores a “de facto global tax” on video games? Or do they actually serve other purposes (storage, distribution, curation, discovery, etc., etc., etc.)?


  1. and…spouts erroneous and sensational tidbits about his own company and other market players.

    Assumably a smart guy that acts often without discipline. Not consistent with a Fortune 100 CEO.

    1. These front-men are just other people’s pawns, notice how often these billionaires diffuse their wealth into “charities” instead of passing it on to their heirs, it’s not really their money.

  2. Teslas are a de facto global tax on transportation. This is a fun game. Stupid but fun.

    No. epic’s wrong. It wants Apple to pay for AppStore servers/distribution/bandwidth for free. epic feels entitled to dictate what apple ‘should’ make.

    I think Elon should sell teslas for $1 or he’s evil. again, stupid game.

    I dont think Elon believes this BS for even one second. It’s just an opportunity to bash apple, and apple is one of the few potential competitors he fears, plus I’m pretty sure he’s still butt hurt cook didnt call him back to bail Tesla out when it was down. So smart play by elon to try and get moron DOJ/SEC on apple’s back.

    But still a d*** move. And often, what comes around, goes around.

    1. This is merely YA example of the BS that Elon pulls to massage his own ego, which puts another nail into his own coffin of credibility.

      After his petty “pedo guy” rant after he stuck his nose into the 2018 Thailand cave rescue, I personally decided that I’d never buy a Tesla from this guy. Toxic people shouldn’t be rewarded.

      History won’t be kind to him at all.

      1. Forgot about the Thai fiasco…from one side of the World, he inserts a huge dose of dissent that he can’t realistically untangle.
        Add a more current fiasco; dogecoin. One day he likes it and later he calls it a hustle. The coin rises to irrational levels and gets bumped downward per his “hustle” comment. All the while, the coin is birthed as a joke and has no/little tech innovation.

        He may be smart, but he’s a juvi-clown.

  3. If Elon Musk thinks that Apple should allow companies like Epic to utilize the Apple App Store for free then he should readily agree that Tesla should sell all its products (cars, solar arrays, battery panels, etc.) at the bare bones cost that Tesla must pay out in order to make those products.

    Then let’s extend that to SpaceX too. SpaceX should sell launches at exactly what it costs SpaceX to perform each of those launches. SpaceX would then not have a single penny to pay for the next generation currently in development.

    These two arrangements would be more benign to Tesla and SpaceX than what Elon Musk is proposing for Apple as they would at least be a cost recovery setup. Elon Musk is proposing that Apple support the required services and infrastructure at Apple’s cost.

    Is Elon Musk proposing that Tesla allow ALL plug in electric cars be able to use Tesla’s super charger system for free forever? Of course not!

  4. How about this Space Cadet Musk. You let others, and customers, load any software or operating system on your cars. Oh, and of course you will need to continue to provide support for said car and fix it if it stops working using someone else’s software. Oh, and you have to do load it for them and distribute it remotely to their cars for free. No fees for any of this work or to make sure the others software works with the car and doesn’t disable it.

    F’n moron. I read about people like him way back when. They traveled around with circuses and I think they had a term for them. “Snake oil salesmen”. Wait, that may be racist now days to snakes. I don’t know, I can’t keep up.

  5. I suppose it’s time that I, too, confess that I have never demanded to be CEO of Apple. I’ll have my people put a press release. Oh wait — MDN readers are my people. Well, you know where that will get me.

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