Apple surveys developers whether they would attend in-person WWDC next year

As part of its annual survey given to developers at the end of WWDC, Apple is asking whether, following two years of the conference being held in a digital format due to the response to COVID-19, developers would be open to attending an in-person conference.

Apple Park, Cupertino, California
Apple Park, Cupertino, California

As in 2020, Apple this year hosted its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in an all-online, virtual format.

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

Apple is possibly planning to return to an in-person conference next year while still retaining some aspects of a digital format.

One of the questions as part of this year’s end of WWDC survey reads, “How likely would you be to attend an in-person conference after experiencing an all-online event?”

While not totally indicative, it is worth noting that Apple is beginning to receive and collect feedback regarding the community’s outlook towards possibly returning to the in-person conference. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has previously noted that Apple is contemplating the idea, and does plan to hold its first in-person event since the global health crisis began in the coming months.

MacDailyNews Take: Do both. In-person for those who can attend and virtual for those who cannot make it to WWDC in person. That would offer developers the best of both worlds.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Gone are the days of in-person inspiration from Apple events. Mr. Wooden would fulfill the same need/curiosity with data-driven digital presentations.

    He’s a great money manager, but a limp fish where Jobs was a inspirational force of nature.

  2. Per usual, Apple or Cook are virtue signaling, trying to do something that should be obvious by now. WWDC should be setup as it was.. if they want to add virtual sessions to augment developers that cannot attend for space or whatever reasons, more the better..

    Apple stores are also useless, you can’t do anything in them without a reservation, if you are a walk by and decide to get something, your placed on a reservation list that may take hours if you really wanted to wait or come back later to make that purchase. Utter waste of time, I find it hard to describe the abject uselessness now of treating Apple customers or potential customers this way..

    Sure one can argue that they need to manage traffic, but not every customer wants to work on Apple time. They have their own things to do, and not have to be at they whim of Apple. some transactions, like purchases of some items and returns. exchanges etc, need to be handled anytime someone walks in the store.

    If Apple is short handed in stores, wonder if it has to do with how Apple dealt with the stores during covid, open here, not there, sometimes here, sometimes there.. I bet lots of staff even with pay, got tired of being handled that way and found something better to do. Thousands of other stores managed to keep their doors open last year, what was Apple’s problem.

    Not to mention now that most all useless mask mandates are ending, Apple still wants you to wear one to walk into their stores.. however you can shop most anywhere else without one if there are no mandates in place, what makes an Apple Store so damn special in this regard.

    1. Let me know where I can find a doctor like yours who drops all his other patients to see you immediately whenever you drop in without a reservation. It isn’t practical to pay trained professionals to sit around idle waiting for clients to show up.

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