Procter & Gamble worked with China on tech to sidestep Apple privacy rules

Procter & Gamble participated in testing an advertising technique being developed in China to gather iPhone data for targeted ads, a step intended to give companies a way around Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency privacy tools, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

A new App Tracking Transparency feature across iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS will require apps to get the user’s permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies.
A new App Tracking Transparency feature across iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS will require apps to get the user’s permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies.

Sharon Terlep, Tim Higgins, and Patience Haggin for The Wall Street Journal:

The move is part of a broader effort by the consumer-goods giant to prepare for an era in which new rules and consumer preferences limit the amount of data available to marketers. P&G —among the world’s largest advertisers, with brands such as Gillette razors and Charmin toilet paper—is the biggest Western company involved in the effort, the people said.

The company has joined forces with dozens of Chinese trade groups and tech firms working with the state-backed China Advertising Association to develop the new technique, which would use technology called device fingerprinting, the people said. Dubbed CAID, the advertising method is being tested through apps and gathers iPhone user data to serve up targeted ads.

MacDailyNews Take: Procter & Gamble et al. should know that device fingerprinting does not comply with Apple’s rules and that the company has already informed developers that it would ban any app that violates its policies form the App Store.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency release will begin a nice game of whack-a-mole.MacDailyNews, April 2, 2021


  1. Apple has worked with the Democrat Party to get around free speech rules and the idea of good citizenship in the United States of America. Apple prefers the political model of the CCP, the communist regime in China.

    1. You keep mixing up economic theory with government model. Maybe if you studied more, you would understand the complexity of modern business.

      For the record: the SPECIFIC reason why corporations were developed was so that a multinational entity could exist to perpetually grow in power and wealth by taking advantage of every border between nations and laws REGARDLESS of what government regimes are involved.

      Also, if you think any corporation is going to ignore a market of 1.4 billion consumers because those people don’t know your government model is just pissing upwind, little Kent.

      Good luck with your boycott of all things Chinese. Your political party spent the last 40+ years giving corporations whatever they wanted. Today you whine that these mega corporations don’t care about you? You created the monsters, how about offering real solutions to tame them. Whining about Cook hasn’t accomplished anything.

      1. “Your political party spent the last 40+ years giving corporations whatever they wanted.”

        And the other political party has not given corporations anything in the last 40+ years, right?

  2. Proctor and Gamble is a known activist in several corporate unions that combat worker unions. I am firmly on the latter’s side. Ever since Larry Summers’ deregulation under philanderer Clinton (according to Wiki), the conglomerate’s products — e. g., Dawn detergent — dominate store shelves and are difficult to avoid. Of course, I favor Apple over P&G.

    1. Teachers should not be required to risk their lives as a condition of employment. The Moderna and J&J vaccines are not authorized for persons under 18 and no vaccine is authorized under 16 in the US. It is simply not the case that young adults are magically immune.

      “Between March 1 and March 23, hospitalizations in Michigan jjumped 633 percent for adults ages 30-39 and 800 percent for adults ages 40-49, according to data from The Michigan Hospital Association. In comparison, hospitalizations increased by just 37 percent among those 80 and older over the same time period.”

      In Brazil, over 30% of deaths in the current wave have been under 60. Deaths in Manaus for persons under 39 have gone up 36% while deaths over 65 have actually decreased. In Rio de Janeiro State, half the hospitalizations are of patients younger than 49.

      1. “Teachers should not be required to risk their lives as a condition of employment.”

        Oh cry me a river Mr. FAKE VIRTUE. Don’t teachers shop at crowded Walmart, Home Depot, Publix, Giant and the many local grocery stores every week? Do they not fill up their tanks with gas and sit down in a resturant for food? Do they not go to church to worship? Do they not jog or hike a trail? Do they not go to the library or local mall?

        CDC issued guidelines many months ago it is safe to open schools. Young people are least at risk for contracting and dying from the virus. Less than 1% of millions that contract the virus pass away overall. Revised guidelines three not six feet Social distance is acceptable. You neglected to mention the facts, teachers shill.

        I’m wearing my Red Ryder Democrat Decoder Ring and commentary immediately follows.

        Let’s see, I’ll start with your support for feeble Biden promising to open schools which is a total failure. Feigning virtue signaling words in the media where he is safe, nothing happens and won’t be held accountable for failure, his work is done. Go take a nap, Joe.

        What you did not mention Teacher’s Unions are the largest contributors to the Democrat Party presidential and Congressional candidates for decades along with Big Tech.

        What you did not mention is the MOB MENTALITY of the Teacher’s Unions holding our children HOSTAGE while sitting on their overpaid salaries and benefits asses, the pampered and Number One SACRED COW the Liberal media will not allow constructive criticism as we have seen during Covid.

        While TxUseless is out front DEFENDING the irresponsibility of teachers, I say they should be out front as a Gold Star example getting kids back to school returning normalcy from Covid days.

        Fat chance the teachers special treatment mob as they are without media scrutiny and reproach, and listen very carefully, teachers are NOT SMART ENOUGH to get kids back in school…period!

        Got it? Good…

        1. The CDC said that schools can open with precautions. The teachers are demanding that those precautions be taken. Why is that a problem?

          I don’t see you volunteering to be locked up for eight hours a day in a small room with inadequate ventilation and twenty potential carriers of a potentially deadly disease who are not vaccinated, only sporadically wear masks, have trouble maintaining distance, and are prone to respiratory issues that make them sniffle. Those risks are not just quantitatively but qualitatively different different than jogging on an outdoor trail or popping into a store for fifteen minutes while maintaining distance, wearing a mask, and using lots of sanitizer. I doubt that teachers who are concerned with their own safety are going to the more crowded places you mention.

          Very few teachers are overpaid, although yours may have been. I think that even they might have noticed that cases and hospitalizations are rising in many parts of the country, despite the vaccinations that irresponsible idiots are avoiding because they accept the lies minimizing the pandemic spread by uneducated fools.

          1. Wrong!

            You claim teachers are not overpaid, what world do you live in? Their salaries, benefits and pensions combined are among the highest paid professions in the country. And because of the mob union rule it is next to impossible to fire bad teachers. You did not mention that in your shill defense.

            Don’t spilt semantic tedious hairs which you are famous for. CDC said it is safe for kids to return to school, period. Precautions? Hmmm, who doesn’t follow precautions today during Covid recovery?

            In California yesterday the teacher’s union held a gun to taxpayers heads and said they will return to the classroom when their child care is paid for free. Who the f*ck do these people think they are?!?!? Pampered and pompous the SACRED COWS of the Democrats and Media their is ZERO BIG MEDIA SCUTINY during Covid.

            Fox News aired a teachers conference caught on a Live MIKE saying the parents complaining just want their child care back. No, they want their kids educated after paying high taxes. Hence, millions of kids are suffering from all kinds of ailments, parents are quitting jobs to stay at home with their children at reduced salaries very tough choices for single parent households. Well now, teachers want their child care paid for, unbelievable double standard hypocrisy!

            TxUseless you don’t care or acknowledge the reality and the negative effects teacher’s unions have inflicted on the citizens keeping kids out of schools for over a year? Not a surprise, you don’t care unless its all about DEFENDING woke leftist politics, NOT what’s right for our kids and country.


            1. The “world I live in” is Texas, where the median income for educators (including administrators and coaches) is $53,000. In the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Area, that income level would put a family of four in the bottom 23% of area households. Teachers in my local district make $16.47/hour, but that counts only time at school, not preparation time. That is almost exactly equal to the average national pay for a McDonalds cashier.

              If you count total working hours, teachers make less than twice the Texas minimum wage. Hamburger flippers aren’t required to have a bachelor’s degree (and an M.Ed for advancement), they can begin working years earlier, and they don’t have student loans to repay.

              The state is forcing teachers back to physical classrooms, but many affordable daycare facilities are still shut down. What do you expect the teachers to do with their kids?

              Perhaps more to the point, what did a teacher do to you to make you hate the profession so?

            2. TxUseless, you are LIAR!

              Teachers salaries today are among the highest paid working class profession and Gold Standard benefits absent CEO class.

              What you failed to mention is the additional benefits and pensions teachers receive.


              Does not look like “$16.47” an hour to me.

              “The state is forcing teachers back to physical classroom.”

              Hey brainless, aside from your hidden agenda condemnation of the Republican Governor the CDC recommendations AGREE.

              I do not appreciate your mischaracterization I “hate the profession” of teachers. My sweet girlfriend is a 12K teacher and she wants to get back to the classroom as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Democrat union MOB is standing in the way something you will never, ever, acknowledge.

              Democrat overlords you support don’t care about the kids. They care about unbridled power to dictate to tax paying parents when and if they get off their overpaid asses to DO THEIR JOB!!!

              Tell me EXACTLY where I’m wrong MINUS the tedious DEFLECTION…

            3. The $16.47 figure came from both the local school district website and an independent “help wanted” site. This is considered to be a well-off district for Texas. I cannot speak to other states, but it is clear that teacher salaries here are pretty modest.

              No, that does not include benefits, but as I noted, McDonalds pays its cashiers the same on average, and they do have benefits. They also work fewer hours, can begin working four years earlier, do not incur student debt, and are not expected to pay for their professional wardrobe and supplies.

      2. Can you NOT deal with an issue in a straight context?

        Where was anything said about; “required to risk their lives as a condition of employment?”
        Who the f said anything about Brazil?

        Please tell me, what purview does a teacher’s union have on their country’s border policies…or SHOULD they have? That’s just one dislocated issue where the LAUSD teacher’s union shows their interests are hardly student based.

        1. The LA Teachers were refusing to return until the system complied with three conditions:

          Full vaccination availability for school staff.

          Returning only when LA County is out of the purple tier.

          Enforceable safety conditions and protocols at every school, including PPE, physical distancing, improved ventilation, and daily cleaning.

          Requiring them to work without compliance would have required them to risk their lives as a condition of employment. Teachers have a legitimate interest in the safety of their own families.

          The statistics were to preempt the inevitable claim, “But nobody catches it unless they are obese, diabetic, and 85.” That was never true, it is less true with the UK variant now dominating US cases, and much less true with the Brazilian variant headed this way. Plenty of teacher-aged folks are getting sick and dying.

          1. TxUseless, thank you for proving my point the Democrat Union MOB of teachers is dictating a laundry list of DEMANDS to taxpayers while holding children HOSTAGE in their homes.

            Did school districts recently
            not receive billions of dollars from the Biden 1.9 trillion Covid relief bill?

            Did school districts in L.A. one of the most expensive and highest school taxes per citizen not receive millions a year prior to Covid?

            Combined monies they are now ruthlessly DEMANDING more terms and more money before they return to school and you fully support Teachers Union MOB EXTORTION in the false holy name of safety?

            CDC said months ago it is safe to return with common sense precautions. But L.A. teachers think they are better then all other teachers in the USA and again, you support their unreasonable demands. WHY???

            I thought teachers were supposed to be the smartest people on Planet Earth and now we know they are TOO STUPID to spend overpaid monies to educate students safely. Their self righteous pampered demands are sickening. They would rather sit on their pampered asses and collect money for NOT working.

            The REAL teachers are pros in every field that have years of professional experience, you don’t get in a classroom with rare exceptions. That’s where I learned my trade working for an international company and not from a standard textbook on the internet overpaid teachers, with gold standard benefits, who only work nine months a year read from like parrots.

            Teachers today under union bosses are more interested in INDOCTRINATION of Leftist WOKE politics, than educating our children in smart and useful ways for life I remember back in school…

            1. Does your girlfriend know that you don’t think the people in her profession deserve more social recognition or pay than burger flippers?

              Here in Texas, the teachers who only work nine months a year are only paid for working nine months, even if the salary is spread over twelve.

              The medical and leave benefits in the school districts near me are no better than the policies in private businesses like Dell and Apple who have comparable numbers of employees. Yes, the teachers get pensions, rather than 401K’s, but that is because legislatures want to kick the retirement funding can down the road so they can pay with future inflated dollars budgeted by future legislators. There is still an employee contribution to the Texas government retirement systems, paid with current dollars.

              Do you honestly think that educating American youth is no more important than feeding them hamburgers?

            2. Hey Tx brainless, don’t try to change the subject
              not talking about flipping burgers.

              The link I posted which you did not read is teacher salaries averages for the State of Texas, Benefits, et al. No way a wealthy S.D. pays a dollar more an hour than some McDonalds and $2.00 more an hour for an Amazon unskilled warehouse worker — doesn’t pass the laugh test.

              What I’m talking about are highly paid teachers with gold standard benefits holding our kids hostage in their homes for over a year. Profession run by Union mobs with zero accountability and the worst is spending more per student than 99% of world countries with worst test scores. All points you ignore, gloss over with excuses or don’t want to talk about, as USUAL…

  3. Ok, P&G just added to the CANCEL backlash boycott list along with MLB, Delta and Coke.

    What is despicable not unlike Cook’s Apple, they are working with a Communist nation to increase the almighty dollar profits.

    No social justice or social conscience?

    Where are the WOKE LEFTISTS in full battle gear starting protest hashtags on Twitter and yelling loudly in the media?

    Answer: No one can accuse HYPOCRITE partisan Leftists of fair and balanced practices…

      1. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Or, fight fire with fire. So, not a surprise you support billion dollar capitalists of P&G and Apple taking advantage of Communist laws to increase profits with ZERO SOCIAL JUSTICE conscience.

        Can you say, HYPOCRITE?…

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