Judge rules Swatch can use Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ ‘One more thing’ phrase

“One more thing,” Steve Jobs would say at the end of select Apple special media event keynote addresses, giving his cue for announcing a surprise new product.

Apple announces 'One more thing' special event on Nov. 10th

Jonathan Browning for Bloomberg News:

But Apple can’t keep its founder’s turn of phrase for itself, a London judge ruled Monday as he sided with Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group AG in a long-running dispute over trademarks.

Swatch’s attempt to register the phrase might have been an attempt to “annoy” Apple, Judge Iain Purvis said in his ruling, but Apple can’t block it from doing so… A previous court officer was wrong to say that “Swatch’s intentions had stepped over the line between the appropriate and inappropriate use of a trade mark,” Purvis added.

The dispute is part of a broader battle between the Cupertino, California-based company and Swatch over the naming of watches that goes back to the launch of Apple’s own product in 2015 when Apple was prevented from calling its version the ‘iWatch’. The dispute with Swatch extended to other trademarks including the watchmaker’s move to register ‘Tick Different’ evoking Apple’s own slogan of ‘Think Different’.

MacDailyNews Take: One more thing: Swatch has lost to Apple where it really matters… and they know it.

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  1. Apple should just buy The Swatch Group and take it apart piece by piece, selling everything and imploding its headquarters building on Steve Jobs’ next birthday.

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