Scott Forstall celebrates the 20th anniversary of Mac OS X

The macOS operating system — née Mac OS X — turned 20 years old on March 24th. Former Apple VP Scott Forstall used his Twitter account to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mac OS X and remembers when Steve Jobs decided on the name for the 10th version of Apple’s operating system.

Mac OS X v10.0
Mac OS X v10.0

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

“I still remember when we named you. In a small room in IL1. When Steve slashed a large X on the wall and smiled. Look at how far you’ve come from a young Cheetah,” said Forstall. The system was named Mac OS at that time, but Apple had been working on a completely new version that came to be Mac OS X.

Long-time Mac users may remember that the first versions of Mac OS X were named after big cats, but that was only because Apple used “Cheetah” as the codename for Mac OS X 10.0. After that, the company decided to use the big cat names for other versions of OS X, such as Puma, Tiger, and Leopard.

Forstall left Apple in 2012 after the Apple Maps controversy in which the company replaced Google Maps with its own map solution, which was deemed unfinished and buggy. He was mainly replaced by Craig Federighi, who leads Apple’s software engineering to this day.

MacDailyNews Take: Forstall’s tweet:


    1. There was certainly a failure of leadership from more than one person in regards to releasing beta Maps software that wasn’t ready for prime time. Steve Jobs and others can also share the blame.

      1. That’s true but Steve also set up the company infrastructure and review procedures while he was alive that helped this happen. Being ill at the time probably didn’t help. Transitional CEO issues didn’t help either. A perfect storm of mistakes.

    2. Say what you will naysayers, but Forstall was a creative GENUIS and Steve’s right hand. No person alive today is better suited to run Apple now, the present players are posers and beancounters.

      For his illustrious career and many cutting edge Apple accomplishments deeper than the Pacific Challenger Ocean to be shown the door abruptly was Cook’s biggest mistake. Let’s not forget Cook was Steve’s biggest mistake.

      My speculation is Scott intimidated the hell out of the executive team. His aggressiveness, sheer talent and impressive resume of creative Apple accomplishments — threatened Ive and particularly threatened Cook’s leadership. Guessing in an executive coup he was removed a Corporate Politics 101 move you replace the highest profile person from the previous management era. A shot across the bow tactic and a sign anyone can be replaced.

      Yes, Apple Maps was not ready for prime time. Certainly multiple mistakes were made and were easily corrected later on. But to end a historic Apple comeback career over a media hyped mistake and not have Scott’s back for decades of dedicated service, simply speaks VOLUMES about Cook and his insecure leadership.

      “Neither Forstall nor any other Apple executive has commented publicly on his departure beyond the initial press statement, but it is generally presumed that Forstall left his position involuntarily.” –Wikipedia

      Career details here:

      Apple Board, PLEASE replace the HYPOCRITE fake SJW and beancounter lacking creative skills. Now that Scott’s creative number one rival Ive left Apple, perfect time for Forstall the second prodigal son return to Apple. Two options: Cook goes, or if they can work together Cook as Number Two position he held under Jobs.

      Or, another creative genius takes the helm leading Apple to creative heights never seen before. Anyone but Cook dragging Apple into embarrassing partisan woke politics, bowing to censorship from Chinese masters and time to end Apple’s slave labor conditions in Communist China and elsewhere.

      Maybe my down vote record, Botty had me beat by triple, will be surpassed this time… 😎

    1. Doubt it for two reasons 1) if he returned the majority of the leadership team would choose to leave very quickly 2) if he returned he would come looking for revenge on those who he believed were complicit in his departure. No need for SF to return, Apple has plenty of talent to draw upon.

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  2. Apple has many individuals that significantly contributed to the legend of the company. Scott Forstall is one of them. When Steve was committed to no third-party apps on iPhone, Scott pushed back and won the argument. I miss Scott and believe his departure was a significant loss. Thank you, Scott, for your contribution to Next, Apple, and all the incredible products you helped bring to market, like OS X.

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