Chase Pay is dead

According to a notice on the bank’s website, JPMorgan Chase & Co will discontinue its Chase Pay digital wallet at the end of the month. The option to pay through Chase Pay will be removed from all merchant apps and websites.

Chase Pay
Chase Pay is Apple Pay roadkill

The retailer-backed mobile payments consortium MCX (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Shell, and others) announced Chase Pay would be the premier partner. The MCX consortium hoped Chase Pay and their CurrentC system would topple Apple Pay.

MacDailyNews Take: 😏

MCX’s convoluted system is DOA. — MacDailyNews Take, May 11, 2015

Apple Pay, killer.


In an effort to expand the digital wallet’s reach, JPMorgan had partnered with payments processor PayPal Holdings Inc in 2017, which allowed users to link their Chase Pay and PayPal accounts and use reward points to make purchases.

JPMorgan’s latest move comes a year after the bank shut down the digital wallet’s mobile app.

Chase Pay started in 2015 to compete with rivals including Apple Pay.

MacDailyNews Take: At launch, which is the last time we bothered to think about it, Chase Pay required users to show a QR code to the cashier, who then scanned it. How could it have ever failed?

Chase Pay is clunky, convoluted, invasive, and desperately antiquated.MacDailyNews, October 27, 2015

Scanning bar codes? Welcome to the Aughts!>MacDailyNews, October 26, 2015


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