Apple tops list of Warren Buffett’s three favorite stocks for 2021

The Motley Fool‘s Dan Caplinger offers a look at Warren Buffett’s three favorite stocks for 2021. As of his most recent report, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway had more than $150 billion invested in just three stocks. Although they’re not new stock picks, the fact that Buffett still has confidence in these companies is a recommendation in itself.

Dan Caplinger for The Motley Fool:

Image: Apple logoHere’s a countdown of Buffett’s three favorite stocks for 2021.

3. Coca-Cola: A 3.4% dividend yield keeps cash flowing into Berkshire’s coffers. While the beverage giant might not be a top growth stock, it has a loyal following that protects it from economic downturns as well.

2. Bank of America: Buffett has been optimistic about the longer-term prospects for the financial industry, and B of A now pays a dividend yield above 2.25%.

1. Apple: Berkshire’s 944 million share stake in Apple makes up almost half of all of its publicly traded stock holdings, and it’s worth more than $135 billion at recent prices… Berkshire doesn’t seem to have any doubts about Apple’s long-term staying power. Investors shouldn’t necessarily count on a repeat of the extremely strong performance that has sent Apple shares soaring more than 275% in just the past two years. Yet with the success of the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 signaling the beginning of another huge upgrade cycle for the mobile device giant, Apple still has upside.

MacDailyNews Take: A vote of confidence from Warren Buffett is invaluable. Berkshire’s 944 million share stake in Apple, not to mention topping Warren Buffett’s list of favorite stocks, is quite the vote of confidence!


  1. It may be a vote of confidence in Apple from the ‘Wizard From Omaha’, but now that Apple has made itself the arbiter of politic-think, and banned Parler from its App Store because of TOS. Maybe it’s time Apple ban Warren Buffet from purchasing Apple stock. If it is important to eliminate an app where evil doers can talk about their “plots of insurrection” and the harm it can bring to America. Then maybe Apple needs to look at corrupt corporations whose political dealings, who they donate to, who they are buying off, and what those people bring about by their decisions and the harm that can bring to America also. Right Tim? And don’t take my word for it, read all about it in Bloomberg, Forbes, et al.

    1. Yep. Because Apple acted to ban the dissemination of hate speech from its own property, Apple is doomed, all right. It’s also doomed because it got rid of floppy drives. I tell you, this company will never last. (P.S. to other readers: Don’t click on this poster’s link to “Bloomberg, Forbes, et al”. It’s a stupid jpg.)

      1. Geez, the intelligence of some people really amaze me. I never said the link went to any source, such as Bloomberg or Forbes. It was because of what was said on the image I posted, that I instructed the reader to do their own research, “…don’t take my word for it, read all about it in Bloomberg, Forbes, et al.” I didn’t think I would have to pronounce every little syllable. But apparently…

      2. The Hypocrisy and Double Standards and Bias is where the issue is at!
        Paler was taken down…. for the reasons stated……
        But why not Tweeter or Facebook? They are Packed with Hate Speech, Incitement of Violence and calls for Assassinations etc… ! PACKED!!!!! FACT!

        1. Twitter and Facebook evidently meet Apple’s Terms of Service. Parler was given a chance to comply, but chose not to. Apple stated that they would be reinstated if they did meet the terms. So far they have not.

          Maybe your feed is “Packed with Hate Speech, Incitement of Violence and calls for Assassinations etc…” but mine isn’t. I wonder why that could be.

          1. Evidently meet apple terms ?? LOL…. to this day they are packed with incitement of violence and what i wrote above!
            them not being taken down is nothing more than bias, double standard and hypocrisy! Abuse of power skewed in one direction.
            You don’t see it because u don’t want to see it.. probably makes u sleep better!

          2. Apple’s terms of service are based in liberal Democrat politics. Parler is based in conservative and libertarian politics, so NO WAY Parler will meet Apple’s BIASED TERMS.

            Both Facebook and Twitter are filled with HATE speech the world over and both have not been taken down.

            Your HYPOCRISY is easy to understand…

            1. Why do you even care about my supposed hypocrisy (or “HYPOCRISY”)? Apple explained its rules. Parler said no. So Parler can’t play on Apple’s field. When Parler decides to abide by the rules, Apple has already said they can come back. Your desire for political correctness seems to be outweighing your supposedly conservative position that Apple is a private company and can run its business the way it sees fit. (But I’m not calling you on your hypocrisy, because I just don’t care about it.)

            2. BSM, the issue is not questioning Apple’s legal rights. Double standards and hypocrisy you obviously don’t care about regarding hate speech are still available on several Apps in the app store. Parler was pulled because of CENSORSHIP of conservative views going on everywhere and Democrats in Congress suppoting the Double-Standard. Cook simply jumped on the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube bandwagon along with the rest. You don’t care, but millions do care…

  2. By the way, AAPL’s dividend is pathetic compared to Buffet’s other two top picks. Up your game, Apple! Move some of that buyback money to pay the stockholders directly! (I’m DRIPping my dividends back into AAPL, anyway so I don’t benefit either way until I sell, but come the day I do start to sell, I want more shares in my pocket.) Matching Coke’s 3.4% is a good way to start, but as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company, you can do better than that.

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