New Apple ad bills iPhone 12 as ‘The most powerful iPhone ever’

In a new ad, Apple bills the A14 Bionic-powered the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (this implicitly includes iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, since all four new iPhones are powered by the insanely powerful Appel A14 Bionic) as “the most powerful iPhone ever.”

In fact, the iPhone 12 family is the most powerful smartphone ever.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in four stainless steel finishes, including graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue.
iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in four stainless steel finishes, including graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue.

Apple via YouTube:

Hello 5G. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are here. Learn more at

Featuring music by: Yma Sumac “Gopher”
Whethan “Drumdown Mambo”

MacDailyNews Take: This ad is da bomb! Wah-wah. (Sorry, not sorry). (Sorry.)


  1. Of course the iPhone 12 is the most powerful iPhone ever, every new iPhone release is better the one before it. I love Apple be come on Apple, everyone knows the iPhone 12 is the fastest, most powerful smartphone on the market.

  2. Meh. It would be a sad day at Apple if the newest iPhone was less powerful than last year’s iPhone. What I find somewhat annoying is how Qualcomm always manages to keep pace with the SnapDragon each year despite all of Apple’s efforts and unlimited amount of cash. Of course, I do realize Apple can’t get that far ahead in terms of node shrinkage but it’s nice Apple can put all that other fancy stuff on the silicon die. Qualcomm must really be pushing hard to keep up chip development and it’s paying off because the stock is definitely flying high. I really enjoy reading about chip technology.

    11.8B transistors on a smartphone processor is just crazy. Still a bit short of the 1.2 trillion transistor mark of the world’s largest chip that’s larger than an iPhone.

    I was born into a world of vacuum tubes and now get to enjoy the advantage of all those transistors. From 1947 to 2020 is just a wonderful time for electronic gadgets.

  3. And, now let me guess, Apple is “thrilled” to be “thrilled” that this “thrilling thrill” will “thrill” you. Bored with the hype and Cook dressing up like a teenager with a fake voice of excitement. And lose the fake word “thrilled”.

      1. Ahhhhh… I was waiting for the Número Uno FANBOY and defensive Apple APOLOGIST to arrive and you did not disappoint. 🥳🌈🥰👏🏻

        NO! You get “excited” about Apple releases and do not speak for the rest of us.

        I count eight posts only yours TxFanboy is hollow Apple support. Obviously you don’t appreciate, nor can handle constructive criticism and spot on instant critiques of Apple for years now.

        Your post is one sentence meager show of BLIND support is no way to EVALUATE Apple. That is cheerleading and run away if you can’t handle it.

        It’s next to impossible getting excited nowadays with an uncreative CEO. The SADDEST reality after Steve’s passing.

        I suspect Cook was picked to keep the money train on the tracks and confidence in Ive and creative team to keep Apple chugging along creatively. Well, that and IVE passed long ago.

        OK, an average of all posts except your tingling on the leg support, established the same SOBER conclusion: Very modest yearly iPhone update for the most part in a nutshell.

        So they put a 5G component in the phone. 5G network rollouts in the U.S. I read will not be up fully functioning for 2-3 years.

        Another MDN post headlined the 12 ProMax is a modest 20% faster than 11 ProMax. Wow. Tingle.

        As predicted the camera received modest updates. But this happens every year for over a decade. Same boring drill faster chip, more RAM and storage and a few spec tweaks.

        This year for the first time surprise you are not getting EarPods or a charger in the box you have to spend more money to buy them separately.

        Because I am in no way awed by the forced deadpan excitement of Cook walking and talking about 5G not yet ready for prime time — my analysis is iPhone 12 is nothing special. YAWM.

        Validation my critique of Apple since Cook took the helm. Always a CARETAKER BEANCOUNTER CEO pleasing the Board and has not produced earth shattering new products.

        The Watch began under Steve and a home speaker the competition has eaten Apple’s lunch for years at lower prices, puhleeze. Apple TV remote sucks.

        The pipeline is nowhere to be found under Cook. He got rid of Steve’s lieutenant creative genius Scott Forstall because his CEO position was threatened and Cook could not keep Jony Ive in the fold. When you are all about profits, no surprise.

        Where is the Apple TV Jobs proclaimed he cracked the code?

        Where is Project Titan, now Titanic, of an Apple Car?

        Where is AR glasses that are going to blow the world away and establish a new computing paradigm?

        Answer NOWHERE. Cook’s success is all about and always has been, incremental upgrades on products courtesy of Steve genius and Apple team and don’t rock the boat. SORRY, it is what it is.

        Apple owner since my Lisa…

        1. If you are bored with Apple products, name what iPhone competitor you think is better. Then buy one and go post Trump idolatry on their site and leave this one for Apple posts by Apple fans.

          1. Denial and Deflection you have not disagreed with one word I posted. As it should be.

            No, I think political LIARS and BLIND Apple fanboys that are incapable of reality should leave.

            Apple and the USA are in good hands without you…

            1. If you are going to post nonsense, at least post consistent nonsense. Is Apple in good hands or is management running it into the ground? Can’t be both.

            2. No nonsense here. There is a difference between good beancounter hands making money and great creative CEO leadership introducing “insanely great” products…

  4. So when the world environmentalists plus some worry about the effects of 5G to the human body Apple decide to show an advert that shows a realistic wave or even nuclear blast going across the countryside and though people, basically tellin me the environmentalists are absolute right. Sack the media agency!

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