MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will host the company’s Apple’s ‘Time Flies‘ special event today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

The event will be held on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

You can watch the event live right here:

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s event on this page. We’ll see you here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT!

Live notes from Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ special event in reverse chronological order:

• End of event

• Cook: All products shown today will ship with these new OSes
• Cook: iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 to be released tomorrow (September 16th)

• Available next month
• iPad Air (2020) starts at $599

• Apple iPad Air (2020) video shown
• Works with Magic Keyboard
• Apple Pencil (magnetically attaches)
• Stereo audio in landscape mode
• Video stabilization
• Rear 12MP camera (same as in iPad Pro)
• Front 7MP FaceTime HD camera
• Fast connection to many external devices
• New iPad Air delivers USB-C

• Console-level graphics on iPad Air
• iPad Air (2020) developers demo video

• Up to 10X faster Machine Learning computations vs. previous iPad Air
• A14 Bionic offers much faster Neural Engine (16-core architecture; 11 trillion operations per second; ML performance 2X faster)
• iPad Air offers incredible performance
• A14 Bionic deliver 30% faster graphics over A13
• A14 Bionic 6-core CPU, 40% increase in CPU performance over A13
• A14 Bionic – first in the industry 5nm process technology
• Tim Millet: iPad Air gets Apple A14 Bionic
• Next-gen Touch ID (smallest ever) right on the iPad Air’s Top button (sapphire crystal lens, faster Secure Enclave)
• True Tone
• 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display 2360×1640 resolution
• Comes in five colors
• All-screen display
• Laura Legros shows off new iPad Air
• All-new iPad Air gets iPad Pro-like design (Home button free)

• Order today, available starting this Friday
• iPad (8th gen.) starts at $329 ($299 for education)

• iPadOS 14 adds powerful new capabilities (video shown)
• 10.2-inch Retina display
• Apple Pencil-compatible
• Works with full size keyboard and third-party keyboards
• Neural Engine
• New iPad is up to 2X faster than top selling Windows laptop; up to 3X faster than top selling Android tablet, up to 6X faster than Chromebook
• Home button
• A12 Bionic
• Ted Merendino: New iPad (8th gen.)

• iPad ranked No.1 in customer satisfaction for 10 years running
• More than half iPad buyers are buying their first iPad
• iPad has been available for 10 years no. Apple has sold over 500 million iPads in first decade
• Cook: Now let’s turn to iPad…

• $14.95/mo individual, Family: $ Premier $29.95/mo.
• Apple One: iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+

• Apple Fitness $9.99/mo, $79.99/year, family can enjoy for no additional cost; free for 3 moths to new Apple Watch buyers
• Apple Fitness+ is on-device only for privacy
• New Fitness app
• Beginner programs, too
• Apple has a team of top notch (get it?) trainers
• Many workouts require just a set of dumbbells or not equipment at all
• 10 different types of workouts Yoga, cycling, dance, treadmill walk/run, strength, core HIIT, rowing, mindful cooldowns
• Workout summary when ended
• Sends those metrics from watch to workout display on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV
• With Apple Fitness+, you choose your workout on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV
• Apple Watch see all metrics on wrist
• New workouts added every week
• Apple Fitness+ – new service centered around Apple Watch
• Jay Blahnik covers Apple Watch fitness capabilities

• Video showing how far Apple Watch has come in such a short time
• Order Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE today and available for delivery on Friday

• Apple will remove USB power adapter from Apple Watch (eliminates carbon equivalent of 50,000 cars per year)
• Lisa Jackson covers Apple’s environmental efforts.

• Series 3 starts at $199
• Series 6 starts at $399
• Apple Watch SE starts at just $279 with Apple Card financing (pay across 24 monthly payments)
• Latest motion sensors (including fall detection)
• Cellular models available
• Apple Watch SE offers Apple S5 chip
• Apple Watch SE: Same large display as Series 6

• Family Setup will help keep families more connected (kid tracking is a big deal)
• Kids can create Memoji from just their Watch
• Family Setup is for kids and your older parents even if they don’t have an iPhone – you manage the Watches on your iPhone
• Family Setup lets you pair multiple Apple Watches for your entire family

• New Apple Watch Hermès band, too
• New Leather band
• Braided Solo Loop (also one continuous piece with no buckle)
• Solo Loop band for Apple Watch – one continuous piece! Very nice – in 7 colors and a range of sizes for perfect fit
• New Watch faces shown in: Alan Dye video: GMT face, Count Up face, Chronograph Pro face, Typograph face, art face, Emoji face, Stripes face
• Altimeter
• Always on display is now even better. 2.5X brighter outdoors when writs is down
• Apple silicon: Apple S6: dual core processor, up to 20% faster
• New studies: Asthma, heart failure, respiratory conditions
• Measure your blood oxygen for fitness and wellness (new studies will use the sensor)
• Sumbul Ahmad Desai explains blood oxygen sensing on Apple Watch

• Apple Watch Series 6 introduces blood oxygen sensing – right from your wrist in just 15 seconds
• Apple Watch Series 6 is the most colorful ever – blue aluminum case, new Apple Watch Product Red, and more
• Apple Watch Series 6 video
• watchOS 7 can measure VO2 Max
• watchOS 7 features review
• Jeff Williams: What’s next with Apple Watch

• Cook: Apple Watch can make a big difference in lives of patients and employees
• Video: “Dear Apple” How Apple Watch changed/saved lives
• Cook: “Apple Watch is the most loved in the world”
• Cook covers Apple Watch features
• Apple Watch “revolutionized what a watch can do.”
• Focusing on Apple Watch and iPad
• Cook remarks on working and learning from home – using Apple products
• Apple CEO Tim Cook “Good morning and welcome.”
• Event begins with opening video

• AAPL: $117.86, +$2.50 (+2.17%) @ 12:59PM EDT


      1. Christopher Robin? Christie Brinkley?

        Saint Nick is so much more fun than either of them, or Jesus for that matter. Apple will follow the inspiration of Samuel Clement’s popular story because it suits profit goals much much much more than the New Testament.

        Apple is winning too. Old churches have lost their way, attendance falls annually. Mega churches and Liberty U leaders get exposed as charlatans regularly. But their businesses pale in comparison to Apple. As corrupt church leaders spin their self serving preachings interwoven with actual good messages from ancient history, it’s plain obvious where people are spending their time and money.

        Sure, there will always be Christian dogma hanging around but in most of the modern world it’s diluted to the point of irrelevance. Most people are more interested in having a teutonic pagan Xmas tree and stockings by the chimney than a nativity scene.

        Apple know this and acts accordingly. Its products are almost all stocking stuffers now. Apple doesn’t cite gospel, it extols the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is universal, and it covers the vast majority of the situations for which canonized Pauline mythology struggles to explain clearly. So we see churches of every flavor going through the motions while kids spend more time on Apple video games that spiritual development. Modern tradition for some of these folks dictates that as true believers they must endure pageants of child labor, er plays, with off-key angels trying to sing to everyone that the 3 wise dudes and the shepherds were infallible. Anonymous, but totally trustworthy. No possible editorial liberties could have pooooooosibly been taken when Paul rewrote the oral parables decades after they supposedly occurred…. and in so doing wrote out most of what really occurred with John the Baptist, Jesus’ family, James The Just and the original Nazarene church, etc. The synoptic NT can’t even keep the supposed resurrection story straight or bother to include complete direct witness testimony from Mary & Mary M. So why believe the mythology of the miracle birth story that doesn’t align with historical and astrological records that we do have? It is simply tradition and gullibility that makes some people reenact useless parts of the Bible while hypocrites cling to the select verses that serve their own biases.

        Face it, it’s just another ancient guidebook among many. Christmas is Paul’s takeover of pagan winter solstice celebrations to have a make believe birthday party for a martyr that Paul never actually met. Many of the teachings may be helpful, but the facts and evidence are simply too weak to take literally.

        That is why Apple, like all corporations, will continue to commercialize the holiday to excess in all corners of the globe, selling products to Christian minorities and non-Christian majorities. Apple will ignore the shrinkingly small minority of true believer fundamentalist christians who think Paul’s scribes in Antioch circa 65 AD were writing exactly the inspired perfect words that divine angels whispered in their little ears. Never mind that they wrote in Greek while Jesus spoke Aramaic.

        Science and greed win again. Sorry Christian Fundamentalists.

  1. I can use the blood-oxygen sensor and elevation sensor during my bike rides.
    Only Apple can confer a level of high sophistication to a rubber band around your wrist. lol
    I truly do not like these Apple commercial presentations — late night informercial-like — because they remind me, well, of the slickest pushy commercials, IOW, they have that manufactured, overproduced look where everything is perfect, emotionless. I liken it to a 3D rendering where the artificiality is obvious. I want real people, not prerecorded, edited people.
    I am being bombarded with an overwhelming visual and auditory experience, as if I am walking/driving downtown among a continuous multitude of glaring neon signs advertising money lenders and cheap electronic.
    Where was the joy and delight? It was engineered to hide it all in plastic packaging. The best parts were the backgrounds of Apple Park.

    1. Instead of a mere background, this overly scripted infomercial could have used the under-used Apple Park as a metaphor and its trees and plants as symbols for the watchfaces and straps. On the iPad, however, I am OK with Apple’s not using close ups of plants grown in AP’s forest for demo images because it might have made Apple look insular. leaving it vulenrable for anti-Apple criticism as yet another example of the dreaded “walled garden.” Of course, Apple critics if they are Right-winger Fundies love the foundational walled garden story of Adam & Eve from where the mythical God expelled them even though the two, Apple-like, took advantage of God’s currently available garden tech and developed it like forward-looking Apple engineers who seek to delight themselves, God, and us.

  2. I see that they are not selling the 7th generation iPad on the Apple web site now. Will those prices change at the other re-sellers like WM, BestBuy and others?? I was actually looking for one for my wife.

  3. … all the fitness people wore Nike gear. Great to see CCP slave labor getting lots of FaceTime on an Apple designed event…. and since apple has solved the “zero carbon footprint” goal now maybe Apple can focus on “zero Slave labor handcuff” goal. That would be good for the ethic human right diversity targets. they could even design a cute broken handcuff logo …

  4. So the price has gone up.
    By this I mean the Series 3 is the same price it was before the announcement but now if this is my first Apple Watch or if I am selling my old 1 with it’s cable, I have to pay an Extra $35 Canadian for the charging cable. I don’t mind them not including he cable but I should be getting a price reduction to go with it’s removal.

    1. I could be wrong, but I think the cable is included. What is not included is the charging adapter that plugs into the wall. I’m fine with this. Most people already have an abundance of these, either from Apple or from 3rd parties. When the iPhone first came out these were rare. Now they are everywhere. I never even used the one I got with my last iPhone as I use an Anker charger for most of my devices.

      1. Yes, the cable is included. The charger block isn’t. Most of us already have drawers full of the things because we actually use higher wattage chargers that can do the job more quickly.

  5. I am losing emotional interest in Apple’s highly scripted, Hollywood-style produced special events because they are as uninspired and as packed as a truck full of potatoes which the truck unloads at the distribution center. Its presenters are wooden because they are over-directed and over-managed.

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