President Trump says Oracle could handle TikTok purchase

President Trump this week said that Oracle could take on TikTok after he issued an executive order that would ban the video app if its U.S. operations remain under Chinese control. The Financial Times reported Tuesday that Oracle is “seriously considering” purchasing the app’s operations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

TikTik logoAudrey Conklin for FOXBusiness:

“Oracle is a great company,” the president said while answering questions during a White House event, adding that the owner, billionaire Larry Ellison, is a “tremendous person” and the software company “could handle it.”

He added that his Aug. 6 executive order to ban TikTok in the U.S. if it is not acquired by an American company will be effective on Sept. 15. The administration gave the social media company 45 days to shift its operations [over national security concerns].

India banned the app and dozens of others amid tensions with China. Members of the U.S. Military, Wells Fargo employees and TSA employees have been barred from downloading the app, citing security reasons, and the Senate passed a bill on Aug. 6 that would ban the app on government devices.

MacDailyNews Take: Certainly, Oracle could handle TikTok. Larry Ellison, the Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle, was, famously, a “friend of Steve’s” who sat on Apple’s BoD until September 2002. Shortly after he resigned from the Board, Ellison acquired 70,000 AAPL shares: 60,000 common shares for $11.50 each and 10,000 shares for $13.99 each. If he still holds them today, there’s a tidy profit and, soon, that will turn into 280,000 shares (not that Ellison would even notice; he’s currently worth over $66 billion).

Speaking of insane amounts of money:


      1. Yes and they have gotten away with it…copied the important parts of the code line by line….

        Which is why the freeloaders will get away with it within the Apple store in the long term.

        Squatters rights.

        1. Google v. Oracle was one of several cases from 2019–20 term to be postponed until the 2020–21 term,[72][73] and now currently slated for October 7, 2020.

          Who needs dumb asses when you are around….

          Google copied lied cheated and stole Java api’s at the core of Android and did more damage to American tech companies by giving the Asian companies a mobile OS, none of their phones would be remotely usable without Android.

            1. The case is still pending Google hopes to allowed to continue to copy without paying up. Like Fortnite they claim to be for the like guy……

  1. Future question on the SAT exam: Larry Ellison is worth 66 billion dollars. If you made 10 million dollars per year, in 100 years you would make 1 billion dollars (assuming you didn’t pay taxes). How long would you have to work to make 66 billion dollars?

  2. Larry Ellison a well-known Trump supporter. Interesting optics at the very least for a sitting President to force a company to sell itself and it ends up owned by his multibillionaire friend….

    1. Larry Oracle (sic) is a classic two faced snake. He tells everyone he supports whoever is in power. That is how oligarchs work.

      He’s donated both to Democrats and Republicans in the past, but according to public records he hasn’t ever donated a dime to Dumbo Don’s campaigns, ever.

      Must be that Grifter In Chief is having a hard time finding any US tech company that strokes his ego hard enough. Ellison will do anything if a corrupt government hands him a gift.

      1. Keep stroking yourself Dd, while you engorge yourself with hate flowing through your veins.

        Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its cruel lessons. Keep up your snarky and mean-spirited smears; eventually the deep swampers won’t find you useful any longer and you’ll be one of their their sacrifices as they guffaw about useful idiots who later prove to be an embarrassment. Read up on Lenin’s tactics in your spare time. then Stalin. Then Mao. Then the Kim clan. Then Castro. Then Hugo “football head” Chavez. Then Maduro. Maybe you can shift your viewpoint and avoid a lot of pain later. Far in excess of 100 millions deaths caused by predator dictators—take your pick. The Hobson’s choices will probably be starvation or being shot. By the time you wise up it shall be too late.

        1. citizen, you’re the hate filled one here. you are slinging personal attacks to another commenter. congrats on pulling out old names froma history book that have nothing to do with the topic. turns out right wing hacks conflate as much or more than libs.

          dd stated facts. Ellison is a notorious opportunist with no real political affiliations. it’s also obvious how this administration doesn’t believe it establishing clear rules for everyone to play by. they always want to pick and choose the winners bases on party loyalty. companies foreign and domestic have been pushed around with threats while singular US corporations are approached with special protectionist policies — steel tariffs anyone?

          its been well documented how Trump has been trying at every turn to drive business to himself and whoever supports him. not to mention charging taxpayers for his golf entourages.

          citizen, you oughtta wake up. unless of course you like the swamp that your orange idiot expanded. but you’ve made it clear that you don’t care how orange idiot has trashed all the values that prior conservatives used to promote. have you no honor? no you don’t. you are just an attack dog for your cult leader.

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