Tim Cook responds to Apple Watch user’s ECG experience

Apple CEO Tim Cook has thanked Raymond, an AppleInsider reader, for telling him a story about how the Apple Watch ECG function detected a heart condition that, previously, a battery of tests at a hospital did not detect.

Apple Watch ECG


Thank you for bringing Apple Watch to market. Late this evening I felt strange and used the ECG feature. It showed that I have AFib four times. I went to the hospital where they verified it, even though it was missed when I was there last Month. I will make sure all those I care about have an Apple Watch.

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Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

In a further explanation of events, it was explained Raymond felt “a fluttering in my chest” and took “four separate readings,” with the hospital later confirming it to be the case. In his prior visit to the hospital, his battery of tests included a cardiac angiogram and a stress test, but nothing appeared suggesting AFib at all.

MacDailyNews Take: The ECG feature on Apple Watch is yet again proven to be invaluable!

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s response:


I’m so glad you sought medical attention. Thanks for shaaring your story with us –– it inspires us to keep puching forward.


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  1. The ECG feature on the watch is a god send. I have a Heart Transplant. I went into AFib when I took it in the morning like I usually do. I called the doctor, he knew that I had the Wach and the iPhone, he asked is there way to send it to him. So I said yes. He knew that I have the watch and the iPhone. So in the Health App it keeps the reading and if you want to send it you tap the one you want to send and it is turned into a PDF and then it starts a new email with the PDF and you have his contact choose it hit send and that’s it. He read it and told me to come in. I was treated and that was it.

    1. The last I read about it, Apple hasn’t even submitted the paperwork to the regulator. Who knows why. In the meantime, if you’re keen you can enable it anyway using the iMazing workaround. (Haven’t done it myself but I might if ECG isn’t enabled in AU with the latest watchOS.)

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