Apple granted a U.S. patent for an ‘Apple Glove’

Apple is working on tech that would allow Macs and iPads to be controlled by an “Apple Glove.” The company has been granted a patent (number 10,642,356) for a “wearable interactive user interface” that involves an “Apple Glove.”

Apple granted a U.S. patent for an 'Apple Glove'
Apple patent application illustration depicts an ‘Apple Glove’

Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:

In computing systems, a user input device may be employed to receive input from a user. Apple says that any traditional user input devices, such as keyboards, have a fixed or static layout, which limits the adaptability of the device. Additionally, traditional input devices may be rigid and substantially detached from a user, thereby limiting the functionality of the input device…

Apple has filed two other patents related to an Apple glove. The other two are numbers 20190065024 and 2020026352.

MacDailyNews Take: Such a wearable device would be perfect for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.


  1. Anyone that is old enough to remember the Power Glove, raise your hand. 😂 Seriously: who the heck does Apple have in their labs these days? Whose genius idea was this?

  2. I prefer such temporary amendments to the body rather than permanent, post-humanistic implants so I think Apple may be on the correct track with this egalitarian and dmocratic device. A permanent implant is rife for corporate, and government, and Spy State hesing and oppression.

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