Apple CEO to host virtual companywide meeting, answer staff questions

Apple is preparing to hold a company-wide virtual meeting for later this month to allow employees to ask questions of Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s executive team as the company deals with myriad issues due to the COVID-19</a pandemic.

Apple virtual meeting. Image: Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo: Getty Images)
Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo: Getty Images)
Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The company sent a note to employees advising them of the plan on Wednesday in the U.S., which Bloomberg News has reviewed.

It asked that questions be submitted by end of day on Saturday and also encouraged workers to share their experiences of working through the disruption to daily life that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about.

The specific date of the meeting has not yet been disclosed.

MacDailyNews Take: If you could attend Apple’s virtual meeting, what would you ask Apple CEO Tim Cook?


  1. Why are you wasting $10 million of our money, not yours, to fuel the corrupt WHO?

    Why have you made Apple so dependent on a socialist authoritarian bat-eating China?

    Why are you so personally insecure as to feel compelled to virtue-signal about anything and everything, social justice warrior?

    When are you finally leaving, so I can have a party to celebrate?

    1. Why don’t you and your friends get together for a party if the virus isn’t really a threat unless you eat bats? My friends and I who are staying home and maintaining social distancing can serve as the control group. We can buy more Apple stock when yours goes on the market to pay your medical and funeral expenses.

        1. COVID-19 will probably eradicate a large part of the population’s savings and retirement accounts, IF the passive population continues to huddle if the fear of danger. (Please restrain from TX-conflation here…recklessness is NOT being advocated).

          As a result, the population could realistically experience a longer and broader danger that includes health, vocation, mental well-being and living for the retired sector.

    2. Every day on this site we are told that the WHO is supposedly corrupt, with zero evidence.

      The WHO has done more good helping prevent pandemics and disease than any one nation can or would do. It takes serious delusion to ignore that reality while attempting to play election year politics against international organizations.

      The isolationist regime in the US certainly does not have the mindset to work worldwide to stop problems at the source, that is clear. Without the WHO, more people would die in the USA as well.

      The one thing that orangists have against the WHO is that it worked with officials at the source of this latest pandemic, and they openly hate anyone who works with China. Except their president, of course. Orangists don’t have any problems with the decades of deals Chosen One did and continues to do in China. Can’t have it both ways, politicos. Just as the your dude developed a loving relationship with Rocket Man, the WHO also has to deal with the governments in place where health crises happen. Get over it.

      The WHO should be praised for not stooping down to kiss a fat orange ass.

        1. Your claims do not hold water. You cherry pick quotes while ignoring the overwhelming objective accomplishments. Why? To make your boss look better?

          Who cowtowed to Chyyyyyna to get his daughter copyrights approved? Who sources his building materials and gift shop trinkets in Chyyyyyna? Who talks tough on camera but backtracks endlessly to foreign nations? Who claimed that China and World Health were working very hard and very smart?

          Your lying sack of sh!t president, that is who. Don’t blame a Geneva-headquartered nonprofit health organization for the negligence and corruption of your here, you blind dipsh!t.

      1. It was the WHO that stated 2/3 broad travel restrictions weren’t needed. I would call that a huge miss, from an org that’s ground-zero on pandemic guidance.

  2. Tim, some have noted, David Kostin of Goldman for one, that stock buybacks were the largest sector of stock purchases going back to 2012. While the purchases elevate the stock price, which benefit individual shareholders, it’s the institutions and individual holders of large share counts that truly gain benefit…including Apple executives. The latter just looks “curious,” no?

    In addition, buybacks have been a veil, of sorts, to the market as they bolster individual stocks and the market as a whole, without equivalent revenue/sales growth.

    In consideration of these two points, will you continue with buybacks and, if so, could you please explain why? Maybe you could add why these funds wouldn’t serve a better function devoted to R&D and, or acquisitions of companies and technologies that would actually have a material effect of raising Apple’s actual value?

    Also, when do you expect the iOS “clumby-cursor” fix to be released? May I add, Siri’s overall performance and the B-level functionality of auto-correct and word-suggest…all are inexcusable. But, I digress.

    1. Tim, I should have added more detail to the last section….

      Can you explain why, when using text, Google is where I go for the best “auto-suggest” for spelling, word suggestion and usage? Some say, it’s Apple’s commitment to security that acts as a “limiter” in such cases. Do you see this as the most definitive explanation? If so, what are Apple’s plans to compensate and rise above the limitation that puts Apple years behind in this realm?

      I can’t remember if I previously stated, that Siri sucks and it’s an embarrassment to Apple’s stature. I’ve turned Siri off and my life is better because of it. Isn’t that embarrassing to you too?

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