President Trump invokes Defense Production Act in response to pandemic

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that he will invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA), which would allow U.S. government to force American industry to manufacture medical supplies that are in short supply in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Trump invokes Defense Production Act. Image: COVID-19Jessie Hellmann for The Hill:

“There’s never been an instance like this where no matter what you have it’s not enough,” Trump said at a White House briefing with reporters. “If we need to use it, we’ll be using it at full speed ahead,” he said.

Hospitals are also sounding the alarm on the lack of ventilators, or breathing machines, that are expected to be in high demand as the coronavirus spreads in the coming weeks and months… The issue of supply shortages is likely to come up during the president’s discussions with nurses and doctors Wednesday… Of top concern to health workers in the U.S. is the shortage of N95 respirators, which are viewed as more effective at blocking viruses than the looser-fitting surgical masks.


“We’re going to defeat the invisible enemy,” said Trump, who said the unfolding crisis had basically made him a “wartime president.”

Trump said a hospital ship will be sent to hard-hit New York to help people affected by the contagion, and that a second hospital ship will be deployed on the West Coast.

The [Defense Production Act], which dates back to the Korean War of the 1950s, grants the president broad authority to “expedite and expand the supply of resources from the U.S. industrial base to support military, energy, space, and homeland security programs,” according to a summary on the Federal Emergency Management Agency website…

“We will be invoking the Defense Production Act just in case we need it,” said Trump.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever it takes to make sure we have enough supplies and equipment.


  1. Everybody should support the president and all elected officials at national, state and local levels from both parties — while we deal with the present pandemic… 🇺🇸

    1. What? Support all officials from both parties while dealing with pandemic? But, I can’t support Orange Bad Man. Everything he does is bad. (Except those checks he wants to give me.)

    2. GoeB, I will support intelligent and well-reasoned actions. I will not blindly support all actions or decisions at all levels of government – ever. I demand effective and reasoned action, not denial, panic, and bluster.

      1. Fair enough, I agree in principle and I too hold the president to good decisions.

        I’m talking about the unnecessary partisan knee jerk vitriol that is useless…

      1. Dobbs reserved the ‘LOL’ option for China’s handling of the pandemic; ignoring cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, arresting doctors, deleting social media posts, allowing free travel out of Wuhan and the rest of China thus exporting their virus to a current 157 countries (tariff free!), not allowing The WHO into China to assist or investigate for months, silencing the press, withholding data and assistance from neighboring Taiwan. Good job China! No new cases in ALLLL of China! Contained! Keep up the good work, China!

        1. Dobbs made an error. ‘Superb,’ ‘Great,’ or ‘Very Good’ were clearly meant for Kim Jun-un. Zero cases – now THAT is leadership! Maybe Trump could learn a few things from Kim.

  2. Not sure exactly how the government can compel a company to produce more than it’s capacity to do so. I’d be surprised if most aren’t already operating at full capacity.

    In the meantime, many distillers who have the capacity to produce sanitizer and are ready to do so, are getting the runaround from authorities in their attempts to get it to the public.

    1. That tracks with the administration blocking development and deployment of inexpensive yet effective test kits, in order to secure deals with companies to make expensive ones.

  3. Some leadership. Drift fairly aimlessly for many weeks hoping that the virus will just go away, then realize you fsked up, dub yourself a “wartime” President (doesn’t that sound tough?), and invoke war powers – still with no real plan and terrible execution of the available options.

    We have known about the pending shortages of specific equipment and supplies for weeks. Now the Trump Administration finally figures it out?! Chumps.

    1. “Drift fairly aimlessly for many weeks hoping that the virus will just go away, then realize you fsked up, dub yourself a “wartime” President (doesn’t that sound tough?), and invoke war powers”

      No drifting aimlessly — it’s called assessing the total situation never seen before that changes minute by minute to form a professional response, not a media made knee jerk response. Guess you are not watching daily briefings from the President. Gee, what a surprise! 🤣

      That said, exactly what I expect from a partisan SMEAR MERCHANT like KingME, hey, where is your smear buddy USER?


      “still with no real plan and terrible execution of the available options”

      Are you f*cking kidding me??? Have you not watched just one press conference from the administration C19 task force daily around noon? President Trump is receiving glowing praise from my Democrat friends in a union part of the country dominated 3-1 Democrat voter registration.

      BOTTOM LINE: Calling you out as a smug elitist PARTISAN PATHETIC BLATANT LIAR. Fortunately does not work on informed citizens with a fair and balanced perspective.

      Thank God…🇺🇸

      1. “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

        @realDonaldTrump. Feb 24, 2020

      2. GoeB…your blindness never ceases to amaze me. You cannot trust Trump or what remains of his slipshod and corrupt Administration after he fired or chased away everyone who demonstrated any sign of independent thought and competence.

        Trump claimed that he knew this was a pandemic long before anyone else. The next day he claims that Coronavirus “snuck up” on us. Meanwhile, the U.S. wasted many weeks of time that could have been used to prepare for the worsening epidemic.

        I don’t care about you screaming at me in caps. What I care about is that you and those of your ilk are incapable of rationally processing the facts and reality. You and your POTUS are endangering the lives of the citizens of the U.S. Please get a freaking clue…and quickly.

        1. KingMel, let’s cut to the chase. You are attempting to impugn President Trump, it’s not Trump — show some ✊ !

          I believe President Obama was the WORST president in my lifetime cloaked in adoring cloth by the sycophant media and Hollywood celebrities for just showing up for work. He won a Nobel Peace Prize months after the election for simply winning a presidential election. Unbelievable, but we clearly know the politics of that group of award givers like all the rest.

          OK, by that breezy standard the Don, a FIRST TIME politician with no prior political experience, outspent by billions, should receive TWO by now!

          Majority of past presidents were overlooked for accomplishing the same task. My point for non supporters of the president is to at the very least show some RESPECT for the office and disagree with policies all you want without the juvenile name calling.

          I have to give credit to Mike a consistent orange critic of the president on another thread when he wrote, “the president has changed his tune.”

          Backhanded praise and lacking in detail, but welcome for a change a step in the right direction.

          KingMel, your opinion of the president is past and outdated. I am not going to, although I am fully capable, get down in the weeds over water under the bridge.

          Watch his daily press conferences during this crisis. They take place
          daily on cable news and then we’ll talk as opposing party adults…🇺🇸

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