Apple CEO Cook optimistic China is getting the coronavirus under control

Apple CEO Cook on China coronavirus. Image: COVID-19In an interview with Susan Li for FOX Business, Apple CEO Tim Cook say he sees China is getting the COVID-19 coronavirus under control and how Apple is managing product supply and production.

It feels to me that, uh, China is getting, uh, the coronavirus under control. I mean, you look at the numbers, they’re coming down day by day by day, so I’m very optimistic there. On the supplier side, we have suppliers, you know, iPhone is built everywhere in the world; we have key components coming from the United States, we have key parts that are in China, and so on and so forth. When you look at the parts that are done in China, uh, we have reopened factories, so the factories were able to work through the conditions to reopen, they’re reopening, they’re also in ramp, so I think of this as sort of the third phase of getting back to normal and we’re in phase three of the ramp mode. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, Fox Business, February 27, 2020

Watch the video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully what Cook sees happening, that China is getting the coronavirus under control, will occur as soon as possible!

Currently, according to the latest figures from Caixin, there are 78.631 confirmed cases in China, 32,531 recovered, 2,358 suspected cases, and 2,747 deaths. Confirmed cases outside of China total 3,933, with 64 deaths in 46 countries.


  1. anybody really interested in what’s happening in China, couple days ago Dr. Aylward head of the WHO team in China gave a long briefing on his return. Made up of experts around the world they travelled extensively in China and spoke to in his words ‘hundreds of people’.

    Broadcast live on CNBC, it can be seen on Youtube.

    About 2 hrs, gives good insights. Besides medical it shows how the China government does things.

    Summary: he concludes that outbreak is tapering down in China.

    1. Anybody REALLY interested in what’s happening in China would NOT be trusting the W.H.O. to give completely factual or accurate information about the Coronavirus.

      It’s been well established by several reputable sources that there is a definite conflict of interest. The Chinese government has invested HEAVILY in Ethiopia. Interesting that China wants to build a brand new African CDC… in Ethiopia. In addition, Ethiopia owes China a LOT of money for things like the Ethiopia – Djibouti railway… connecting Ethiopia and China’s first military base outside of China.

      By sheer coincidence, the head of the WHO… is from Ethiopia. Interestingly… Tedros, the leader of the WHO served as the minister of foreign affairs for Ethiopia’s Tigray People’s Liberation Front… a wing of a Marxist-rooted EPRDF from 2012 to 2016.

      Hmmm… WHO is trustworthy? Perhaps WHO is not.

      1. blah blah blah

        All freaking conspiracy theories while scientists are giving facts.
        The team consisted doctors from all over including USA. Aylward is Canadian

        But idiots want to ignore the facts, just go with rumours
        Fuk I’m so fuking tired of all the stupid conspiracy theories, it’s the USA trying to poison China, it’s a leak from a lab in China, it’s the Russians trying to start a USA China war who created the virus etc etc.

        according the idiots : Tim Cook (who has ears on the ground and is saying essentially the same as WHO) is lying, Starbucks reopening stores there is lying, dozens of stories in business journals of factories re opening slowly re scaling up are lying , etc etc.
        (ask yourself : Why would Cook and other CEOs do that because if their lying within one quarter when products are jammed and financials are released it would be obvious. The SEC would investigate etc , shareholders would have Tim’s head

        Sure CEO’s want to paint a positive picture but directly lying that things are tapering down?)

        Believe what you want dudes , I’m tired of it.
        All the stuff the team did is documented, available from WHO, read it , believe it or not up to you .
        As for me, that’s the best available out there now, from the epicentre, the conspiracy theorists are all armchair speculators thousands of miles away.

        So you don’t want to believe a bunch of scientists from Europe, USA, Asia , Africa etc ?
        ok up to you.

        Me , I want to just get on with the best reporting and science available rather than all the crazy conspiracies going around where no body has proof.

  2. It is what it is. I feel bad for the citizens of China who are being infected. As for Apple, the drop in share price doesn’t bother me, at all, as many tech stocks are being hit hard. The CoViD-19 problems shouldn’t have any great effect on Apple long-term. So what if a quarter’s revenue is down? I’m sure Apple will make up for it the rest of the year. This virus is beyond Apple’s control. Apple has the reserve cash and means to recover more than many other companies being affected. I see this share price drop as a buying opportunity and a fine opportunity for Apple to buy back stock at a nice discount. I looked at the DJIA’s 1000 point drop and just shook my head and then went on about my usual business. I’m certain it will become merely a blip on Apple’s 52-week share price graph.

    I’m relieved to hear that the mortality rate of those infected is rather low, so most people who are healthy will likely recover. I’m ready for it if it comes here. I have my face masks, Clorox bleach, Lysol Spray and plenty of multiple vitamins. Bring it on.

    1. Quarantine and protective measures like hand washing stops transmission.
      Masks stop infected from spraying virus around.

      Those that are sick either recover after two weeks or so (98-99%) or die (1-2%)
      If there’s no transmission, no new patients, the contagion is stopped.

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