China sees fall in coronavirus deaths

China is seeing the first fall in coronavirus deaths as the country reported its fewest new infections of 2019-nCoV since January and its lowest death count for a week. The figure of 98 new deaths marked the first time the daily toll had fallen below 100 since February 11th, bringing the overall toll to 1,886, however the World Health Organization said data suggesting the epidemic had slowed should still be viewed with caution.

China coronavirus deaths fallApple Inc warned that its sales would suffer because of the epidemic, hurting both supply and demand, an announcement that cast a chill on global stock markets. Shares of Apple are currently off $5.35, -1.65%, to $319.60.


Chinese officials reported 1,886 new cases – the first time the daily figure has fallen below 2,000 since Jan. 30 – bringing the mainland China total to 72,436. The figure of 98 new deaths marked the first time the daily toll had fallen below 100 since Feb. 11, bringing the overall toll to 1,886.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Chinese data “appears to show a decline in new cases” but any apparent trend “must be interpreted very cautiously”.

Outside China, there have been 827 cases in 26 countries and regions and five deaths, according to a Reuters count based on official statements. More than half of those cases have been on a cruise ship quarantined off Japan.

Epidemiologists say data needs to be treated with caution, and may fluctuate because of factors such as the resources available for testing.

MacDailyNews Take: While it may be too early to be sure, this drop in deaths is hopefully due to the coronavirus being brought under some control versus a statistical and/or testing anomaly.


  1. Accounting books on everything from the “big C” are cooked as is the cover-up of the virus research lab (most likely for military use by the PLA against western adversaries in tough times) that is located only a football field away from the slimy animal marketplace often blamed for the outbreak. That lab likely suffered a failure (a.k.a. a “breach”) to safe containment of the virus perhaps because of the initial lack of any symptoms for days for the first victim(s).

  2. They started off by jailing doctors who brought the virus to their attention.

    In addition the play games with the numbers by making it seem as though deaths were due to other causes. I.e. if I have lung cancer or something they will say that I died of complications due to lung cancer even if that complication happened to be this particular coronavirus.

    It’s looking like this virus was man made as well. In spite of what The NY Times says.

    1. I look forward to your reference list of peer-reviewed papers whose authors have concluded from genomic analyses that SARS-CoV-2 was deliberately man made and weaponised.

      As if that zoo of a market – in that part of the world – didn’t present enough of an opportunity for major recombinant events. smh

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