Intel 10nm Whitley Lake CPU benchmark leaked – destroys 14nm

A benchmark of an upcoming 10mn Whitley Lake CPU from Intel just leaked out and it shows some impressive results. The Whitley platform will succeed Purley and will finally transition Intel’s server ecosystem to 10nm. Based on these Whitley Lake benchmarks it looks like Intel customers can expect dramatic increases in performance vs. older generation Xeon parts.

Usman Pirzada for wccftech:

Intel’s Ice Lake CPUs based on Sunny Cove architecture will bring the first radical new re-write of the company’s CPU architecture and were already expected to show huge gains in performance and power efficiency. While Intel had already sort of hammered in the idea that Sunny Cove would be revolutionary, we are seeing for the first time the extent thereof. Intel’s existing server-side platform is called Purley and the Ice Lake derivative that will succeed Purley has been codenamed Whitley. What we have here today is essentially a Geekbench leak of the first Whitley part: An Intel Ice Lake SP CPU based on the 10nm process…

The Intel Whitley Ice Lake SP CPU ES sample scored a multi-core score of almost 28,000 points. This is something that is almost double that of the previous Purley platform core for core and clock for clock. I am also fairly certain that power efficiency would have gone through the roof as well…

Intel poached Jim Keller from AMD and it looks like the fruits of hiring an architectural wizard are starting to show. Historically, Intel has had an advantage as far as the process architecture goes but they lost that lead with AMD’s third-generation processors based on Milan. If this benchmark is even remotely indicative of the final product (which it probably is), then Intel’s 10nm processors will be able to take the fight to Milan.

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the fruits of real competition!


  1. if intel doesn’t catch up to AMD soon, their next generation should be called “Comedy Lake”.
    The “clock for clock” improvement isn’t enough is the clock is broken.
    I hope Apple beats them thoroughly, next WWDC in June.

  2. apple should switch to AMD for cpus. Intel cpus is one of the main weakness in the new Mac Pro price vs performance equation. The CB20 scores on the new mac pro just are weak compared to AMD horsepower. it makes apple look bad when actually the Mac Pro is a nice design minus the intel only option.

  3. Maybe you should check the numbers before you post a story. The benchmark is using Geekbench 4.3.3. They are comparing to Geekbench 5.0, which is wrong.


    Here’s a comparison too.
    browser.geekbench[dot]com/v4/cpu/13516988 – 4.2.3 (4239/30480)
    browser.geekbench[dot]com/v4/cpu/14099402 – 4.3.3 (4708/37417)

    4708 / 37417 – 3.2/4.2 clock speeds (Xeon Gold 6146 14nm)
    3427/27926 2.2/2.6 clock speeds (Ice Lake 10nm)
    5555 18% IPC improvement (4708 * 1.18) @ 4.2
    61% max clocks (5555 * 0.61), 3388.81

    It’s the same exact Ice Lake. 18% IPC. It’s not 200% faster. At the clocks we currently see, its actuallly slower. By about 30% in single core, and 30% in multicore. How is thiss “destroying?” If anything, 14nm is destroying 10nm.

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