How to save money and work around Apple’s iCloud limits

For what you get, extra iCloud space is well worth paying for, William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider, but it’s still not of great use when you’re sharing work with those on lesser platforms and you can certainly feel locked into it as soon as you have more data in iCloud that space on your own drive. Gallagher explains how to save money and work around Apple’s iCloud limits.

Apple iCloud how toWilliam Gallagher for AppleInsider:

We don’t come to bury iCloud Drive. But we can deal with the praising of it quite quickly before we get into coping with its predictable limitations — and its unnecessary confusions…

The idea of not having to think about where your documents actually, physically are, is great and you can understand Apple’s wanting to do this. When you can just download a document wherever you are without thinking about it, that reduces friction. When you can’t because there’s no network connectivity, though, there is friction in spades…

Apple’s iCloud Drive is doubtlessly a marvel of software engineering and it is truly impossible to remember what it was like before we had it. We’d like cross-platform and we’re looking at our watches waiting for shared iCloud folders, but iCloud Drive is a tremendous boon to our work.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s tons more in the full article. iCloud can be a confusing, strange beast and, as always, the real issues occur when we have to deal with those stuck on less platforms.


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