Apple and A24 have acquired the hot documentary ‘Boys State’ for $10 million

Apple and A24 have acquired worldwide rights to the documentary Boys State for $10 million. A24 will release the film theatrically and Apple TV+ will have exclusive streaming rights, THR reports.

Apple acquires Boys State - Steven Garza in "Boys State," an official selection of the documentary competition at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. (Thorsten Thielow | Courtesy of Sundance Institute)
Steven Garza in “Boys State,” an official selection of the documentary competition at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. (Thorsten Thielow | Courtesy of Sundance Institute)

Tatiana Siegel for The Hollywood Reporter:

Directed by Jesse Moss and Amanda McBaine, the film rode into the Sundance Film Festival with the buzz of being this year’s American Factory. Boys State chronicles an unusual experiment: 1,000 17-year-old boys from across the state of Texas gather together to build a representative government from the ground up. High-minded ideals collide with low-down dirty tricks as four boys of diverse backgrounds and political views navigate the challenges of organizing political parties, shaping consensus and campaigning for the highest office at Texas Boys State — governor.

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Laurene Powell Jobs, Davis Guggenheim, Jonathan Silberberg and Nicole Stott served as executive producers on the pic.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, in this one, Piggy lives! 😉

“And yet, although you go in expecting Lord of the Flies 2, you leave gobsmacked by the next generation’s ability to form arguments, strategize and ultimately cooperate with each other. The American Legion’s goal with this worthy program is to encourage civil discourse. Remember that? One counselor calls it ‘a chance to learn from each other, from the opposite side, without screaming at each other on a Facebook post.’ Heavenly,” Johnny Oleksinski writes in his New York Post review: Boys State is a Sundance documentary you’ll never forget.


  1. True Story. I went to Badger Boys State in Wisconsin in the 1980’s. One of the students there– Scott Walker — later went on to become the governor of Wisconsin in 2011. He is the man who brought the “proposed” Foxconn factory to Wisconsin . . . Friends ask me, “Do you have any regrets in life?” I say, “Ya, that I didn’t punch Scott Walker in the face back in 1985, to add a crooked nose to that crooked smile of his” . . . other than that, I’m good.

    1. Yes, damn that Scott Walker for trying to bring jobs to the people of his state. What a deplorable!

      However, unlike a typical addled Democrat Party Lib, I would stop short of advocating violence against him.

      Better to just castigate him in print for the deplorable act of working on creating jobs for Wisconsinites. Better that they instead contribute to the growth of big government by sucking off the welfare teat ad infinitum.

      1. No, I have never hit anyone, nor am I advocating violence. But it was clear to me at that formative age that Scott Walker was a Con Man . . . I just never suspected that the good people of Wisconsin would one day elect him as Governor. He is, by 80s vocabulary, a “slacker”. In school he was a “C” student, dropped out of college, and he has never held a real job in the private sector . . . My late father was a Republican. And there is no way he would vote for Scott Walker or for Donald Trump. Both of these men are Con Men, whose main goal is to advance their own careers and their own egos . . . as citizens, even if we share policy preferences with these elected officials, it’s important that we don’t mistake Politicians as some sort of idols or a sports team for which one has undying allegiance — once we start using their vocabulary terms such as “liberals!” or “communists,” we fall under their control, as they sow doubt in our fellow man . . . The point of Boys State is that we as citizens should be active participants in our government, not passive viewers sitting on the sidelines, cheering on some wannabe idols.

  2. It is yet another movie production where only one political/social system, the NeoLib, dog-eat-dog status quo, is affirmed and, actually, promoted. This is the old world view and it’s dying; Its head is severed having fallen on the ground, but it is still talking sh’t as if it is still alive.

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