Apple increases iPhone processor orders due to strong demand

Apple boosts iPhone processor production. The A13-Bionic-powered iPhone 11 starts at $699
Apple’s new A13-Bionic-powered iPhone 11 starts at $699
Apple has tasked processor supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to increase its iPhone processor output this quarter due to continued higher-than-anticipated iPhone demand, Bloomberg News reports, citing “people familiar with the company’s plans.”

Debby Wu for Bloomberg News:

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models were well received on their debut in the fall and their sales in China have been particularly strong…

Even without fifth-generation wireless networking, iPhone demand has been outperforming the market and Apple’s expectations, and the company asked assembly partners to increase their production of the latest generation.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, “fifth-generation wireless networking” just isn’t that important, yet. When it is, even before it really is important, Apple will have 5G-capable iPhones for the world to buy.

The most affordable iPhone 11 model, equipped with an LCD screen, was a particular driver for the increased demand, one person said… Along with the popularity of existing models, Apple’s business with TSMC is also set for a boost from an imminent iPhone SE successor, a low-cost model that will begin mass production in February ahead of an official unveiling as soon as March…

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone 11 family continues to significantly outperform pretty much everyone’s expectations, including Apple’s. Bring on the “low-cost” iPhone!


  1. All the “5G super-cycle” analysts need to reign in their 5G expectations. Here’s more evidence that most customers are NOT “waiting for 5G.” In fact, if you ask them, many current iPhone 11/Pro/Max customers would likely answer, “What’s 5G?” Higher iPhone sales now means lower iPhone 12 sales.

    Also, 5G is a significant technical improvement, but it’s a behind-the-scene spec sheet improvement for most people in 2020. It’s better data pipes (once fully implemented), but 4G LTE is mature and works fine for most people. And it only comes into play only when iPhone is NOT on WiFi. For most customers in 2020, it’s a boring improvement.

    Apple knows this and won’t make iPhone 12 all about 5G. iPhone 12 will be better in many ways, especially the ones that actually attract customer attention, like better camera, faster A14 performance, new screen sizes and exterior styling… Oh, and it has 5G. The iPhone ”super-cycle” is continuous 🙂

  2. No way! Everyone knows the iPhone is too expensive for any consumer in a third-world country to buy. Only Android smartphones can meet those consumers’ needs. Those consumers are only willing to pay $200 tops for any smartphone and Apple’s budget smartphone will cost, at least, twice that amount. It’s being said that even a $200 smartphone is more than anyone needs now that smartphones have become a commodity like table salt. Supposedly, Apple has painted itself into a corner in the smartphone market. Oh, well… Apple has been doomed for years after peak iPhone, so I might as well accept it by now. Yes, the iPhone has become the new BlackBerry.

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