Apple hits another all-time high, and analysts see more records are ahead

Apple’s stock price hit another all-time high on Thursday. The shares jumped almost 2% on strong holiday season demand and a positive outlook from Wall Street going into the next year.

Annie Pei for CNBC:

Those upbeat expectations include calls from Wedbush and Piper Jaffray, both of which raised their price targets for Apple on perceived 5G iPhone demand. They joined the likes of Citi, which did the same in early December citing the popularity of Apple’s wearables.

And Blue Line Capital founder and President Bill Baruch is joining the party… More specifically, he’s eyeing a target of about $324 based on Apple’s range from last year’s high to its low back in January, as well as its big breakout above $255 earlier this month.

MacDailyNews Take: Onward and upward, Cupertino soldiers!


    1. There’s still plenty to be mad at Tim Cook about to be sure. Mac Pro we want after 8 long years anyone? Also why settle for what we have when it might have been so much more from Apple? But in the spirit of the holidays we are at last seeing more positive steps out of Apple. Apple, like husbands though will always be a case of “what have you done for me lately?”

    2. I am not a Tim Cook hater. But I totally disagree with dragging Apple and the employees into partisan SJW politics. If you recall, Steve Jobs steered clear of partisan political involvement while keeping his personal politics to himself. Good for Steve and good for business as it should be. I also have problems with the NEGLECT of the Mac Pro community and thinness designs of products that offer less features and cost more…

  1. Whatever happened to those doofus anal-cysts calling for the stock to drop to $150? I see them in my rear view mirror but they’ve been shrinking down in size each passing day and now down to practically nothing.


  2. I’m not getting cocky over these recent Apple gains. I don’t trust Wall Street at all when it comes to Apple’s stock value. Big investors giveth and they can taketh away. They’re too easily spooked when it comes to negative iPhone rumors and they can be easily sent into an Apple dumping panic. I’ve seen it happen enough times in the past to feel at ease. That sort of panic would never happen with Microsoft’s big institutional investors who have total confidence in Microsoft not disappointing them. I think a lot of Apple investors are too easily swayed and quick to dump their at a moment’s notice. I think they’re called “fair-weather friends” who won’t stick around if things get a bit rough.

    Long-term, I’m not too concerned about those big dips when analysts start calling for pullbacks or corrections for Apple stock. It’s just that Apple is quite volatile when compared with the FANGs or other major tech stocks. I know I’ll be getting my dividends even when the negative rumors start flying and the calls for a pullback are made. I have been very fortunate to own Apple all these years and I think Apple can eventually recover from any correction. All those Sell recommendations for Apple leave me suspicious about Wall Street’s intentions. I’m sorry, but I just find it too strange.

    1. I’m with you on the gains and I don’t want to be/feel cocky in seeing realism in $400, or a number close. Something flipped in me this summer as the malaise-effect of Tim’s moving-mouth without concrete manifestations changed for me. The vaporous pipeline started to become material and I believe it will continue to delight. It was this summer I thought AAPL would reach/pass $300. It seems my lucky guess will be wrong, but curiously close.

      There’s no doubt AAPL will dip, but I think the current trajectory has legs into 2020-01. Those with “sell” next to their names are either not tending to their blogs, stubborn/biased, or sleeping. Besides, their numbers are just wrong.

      China is a huge variable, but it SEEMS to be simmering.

    2. “I have been very fortunate to own Apple all these years…”

      MDN readers have not been so fortunate reading you bragging about it for YEARS. Hopefully in 2020 your vocabulary will expand… 👍🏻

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