NBC’s Peacock offer live streaming, tiered pricing that excludes shows like ‘The Office’ on free tiers

NBCUniversal is looking to differentiate its streaming service “Peacock” from rivals through its pricing structure, live video streaming, and user interface.

Alex Sherman, CNBC:

When streamers first log on to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service Peacock, they may get something they won’t see on Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max — live video.

Users will be greeted by streaming content, similar to turning on traditional television, according to people familiar with the matter. The showcased video could be a live offering from NBC News Now, NBC’s free streaming news service…

There will be two tiers of Peacock that require payment — a limited-advertising version that will cost about $5 per month and an advertising-free version that will cost about $10 per month, the people said. The Information first reported the details of the tiered pricing. Both tiers will include Peacock’s full suite of content. The free advertising-supported tier of Peacock will have limited content as compared with the $5 and $10 versions, two of the people said. The free version will likely not include the full series of “The Office.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’re in a period of much experimentation (as evidenced by the looming shutdown our preferred backbone live streaming service, Sony’s PlayStation Vue, which we use via an Apple TV app), so the more the merrier! We’re excited to see how this all shakes out!


  1. Hey John, have you heard of this marvelous thing called “an antenna?” Over the air NBC now has commercials, just like the Peacock “free” tier. Yes, if you want to avoid them you have to pay, if not for Peacock then for some other service.

    1. Ah yes, CBS. The CitizenX Broadcast Service, at your service, 24×7, anecdotes about rich people I’ve met on tap, backed up by faked YouTube videos. I truly am the GREATEST! And… I take little people to little league. You’ll find NO better human being than me, CitizenX, Xtremely Good Looking, Xtremely Smart, Xtremely Humble and blessed with an XTREMELY large and massive Coccyx bone in my back, makes me stand TALL and PROUD, erected by an egomaniacal humility of God-like proportions. Emperor Palpatine, you got nuthin’ on me!

      1. Please stop insinuating that I have a giant peacock. I like to buck trends and I can proudly say that I do not follow the stereotype. Unlike the rest of me, my personhood is merely average. It does the job though.

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