Apple TV has quietly become a robust digital signage engine

“Digital signage is everywhere now. From the low-cost pizza place to movie theatres to major sports arenas, it’s everywhere. Rarely do you see signage that has to be manually changed due to the cost of continual updates,” Bradley Chambers for 9to5Mac:

For small businesses, digital signage has often been out of reach because of the high initial cost and complexity of deployment (server infrastructure, complicated software, expensive maintenance, etc.). Thanks to the Apple TV, its management APIs, and some cloud-based software, even the smallest retail stores can now have a digital signage solution.

MDM APIs on Apple TV allows an IT department to monitor and configure an Apple TV from a solution like Jamf. By connecting your Apple TV to an MDM, you can do things like lock the device to a single app, control AirPlay settings, and set up zero-touch deployment. These settings are vital for digital signage rollouts.

MacDailyNews Take: As Chambers writes, “If Apple wants its platform to become a standard for digital signage in the future, a lower-cost TV hardware option is going to become essential.” The digital signage market is a massive opportunity. Who else could use an Apple TV stick?


  1. In my last job with a realtor association, the digital signage solution was Signage Station which really just a slide show with jpg images. They could have done the same thing with the slide show feature of an AppleTV.

  2. Apple:

    NOT a standard for PC computing, that’s Windows.
    NOT a standard for phone computing, that’s Android.
    NOT a standard for set top boxes, not a standard for speakers…


    “If Apple wants its platform to become a standard for digital signage in the future…”

    Oh yeah, Apple will get RIGHT on becoming a standard for digital signage in the future… I mean, they’re already the standard everywhere else!

  3. We’ve start using ATV’s for clients to view their camera systems with. Once the app got released for the brand we use, it was a no brained. Works well, clients like it.

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