Happiest Companies in America: Apple ranks 6th


The 10th annual CareerBliss Happiest Companies in America recognizes the top companies from around the nation that are building positive teams, managers and an overall happy work culture.

What’s truly unique about the CareerBliss Happiest Companies? We don’t solicit reviews, and companies do not pay to be a part of the process. This system creates an unbiased and authentic process that allows people to share what truly drives happiness at work. Employees review more than 200,000 companies and only 50 make it.

CareerBliss 10 Happiest Companies in America for 2020

MacDailyNews Note: See the full top 50 list here.


    1. Apple’s rating is likely impacted by its extensive retail network. Those people have to directly interface to customers, many of whom may currently be experiencing an issue with an Apple product, and work in a fairly noisy and chaotic environment. They also get paid a lot less than the hardware and software engineers, marketing team, etc.

    2. Looking at the avg salary levels it’s obvious that the survey includes Apple’s retail employees in addition to the ones at HQ. Obviously, Google has no retail employees, and Microsoft doesn’t have many. The CEO approval rating I think would be more indicative of overall staff happiness.

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