Apple employees strongly support CEO Tim Cook’s relationship with President Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) confers with U.S. President Donald Trump
Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) confers with U.S. President Donald Trump

In a new survey, Apple employees said they support CEO Tim Cook’s relationship with U.S. President Trump.

Don Reisinger for Fortune:

The survey, conducted on Fortune’s behalf on the anonymous workplace social network Blind, 81.6% of Apple employees said they support Cook’s efforts to engage the president on matters that “shape policy in Apple’s favor.” The findings, which were collected from more than 100 Apple employees between Thursday, Nov. 21 and Monday, Nov. 25 suggest Cook has strong support among his employees in working with Trump to get favorable results for his company.

Cook has strongly lobbied the president on China-related matters for the past year, with the apparent goal of getting Apple’s products exempted from tariffs. His efforts appear to be working… Last week, the relationship between Trump and Cook was on display again, when the president visited a Mac Pro manufacturing facility in Austin. Flanked by the Apple chief executive, Trump toured the facility and saw how the Mac Pro is made, while the two men shared small talk.

According to the Blind survey, Apple employees are less convinced that the Austin photo opportunity, which took place while impeachment hearings against the president’s conduct were being conducted, was a good look for Cook. In the Fortune-Blind survey, 30.9% of employees said that they “strongly agreed” with Cook participating in the event and 23.5% said that they “agreed” with his participation. However, 17.7% said that they “strongly disagreed” and another 10.3% said that they “disagreed” with Cook’s move. Nearly 18% of employees said that they were indifferent to the event.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the relationship continues to pay dividends for Apple.


  1. People can RESPECT one another and still disagree with some policies and views. Unfortunately many people seem to forget to RESPECT one another. Maybe if the world had more respect, love and appreciation for one another, we would have a better world.

    1. Well said and words to live by!

      Unfortunately, the LIBERAL INTOLERANT HATERS permeate an honorable discussion.

      I always enjoy the hypocrisy of liberals falsely preaching tolerance and honor while SPEWING HATE out to destroy someone they disagree with, pity.

      On second thought… 👎🏻

        1. Citizen Xuckwyt, the person who met a few famous people and once managed a shop while he took his kids to Little League, is an intolerant leftie hater who knows everything. All how down before this wise guy.

            1. You always describe yourself so perfectly. Sad but true, famous shopkeeping person meeter who thinks he’s good because he took his kids to little league, yet is a terrible person online. Sad.

        1. The astonishing thing is that they seem to think that calling someone a “disrespectful potty-mouth felon” or suggesting that the plurality of Americans who voted against their candidate are “intolerant haters spewing hate” is polite discourse. Their first recourse is always to personal invective because fact-based reasoning requires too much thinking.

          1. “The astonishing thing is that they seem to think that calling someone a “disrespectful potty-mouth felon” …

            No brainless, the “astonishing thing” is you support a potty mouth felon LIBTARD that continually sucks up to your posts.

            Got it FAKE conservative?..,

            1. You don’t have a point!

              Unless of course, in typical TotalUSER fashion, you continue to offer ALTERNATIVE off topic deflections for your own amusement.

              For example, concoct an alternative meme in your first reply and when I ignore such nonsense having nothing to do with the discussion you reply, “Thank you for proving my point.”

              I REPEAT, you do not have a point. Except possibly ato sit back and smugly smile while deluding yourself with a FALSE hollow victory. By chance, do you work for CNN?

              But at the end of the day we all read you did not address the points in my post. All we read is deflection and defense of the Number One Village Idiot around here who has been banned in the past.

              Nice company, USER. Keep it up. 👍🏻

              Bottom line: Keep defending those who sucked up to you first. The potty mouth turd Citizen ZERO is always very entertaining to read on a guilty pleasure level and always good for a belly laugh.

              Sometimes two fools are better than one… 🤣

            2. Again, thank you for yet again proving that you haven’t an arrow in your quiver other than hateful personal invective. The topic, which you seem to have forgotten, is the ability of men like Tim Cook and Donald Trump to work together for common goals while demonstrating personal respect. I was exactly on-point with that topic while you were delivering a completely off-topic deflection to show your contempt for the majority of Americans who did not support Mr. Trump in the 2016 elections. That attitude on the part of his supporters—which he apparently shares—is precisely why he has been unable to expand his base of support over the last three years, notwithstanding an economy that continues to do fairly well. Even if you regard moderates as insects, you can catch more flies with honey than with vitriol.

            3. Once again in TotalUSER fashion, you continue to offer deflections and conveniently forget your first post defending the potty mouth that sucks up to you.

              “The topic, which you seem to have forgotten, is” what you wrote and pay attention to your own words:

              “The astonishing thing is that they seem to think that calling someone a “disrespectful potty-mouth felon”

              My description is accurate and you should be ashamed of yourself defending the most hate filled person around here.

              Then you switch gears and write: “or suggesting that the plurality of Americans who voted against their candidate are “intolerant haters spewing hate” is polite discourse.”

              Obviously President Trump lives in your head every second of the day rent free. That is your problem deflection I never mentioned the president. The topic deflect boy is the potty mouth around here you are PITIFULLY trying to defend.

              You don’t even have a quiver to hold arrows…👎🏻

  2. Love the fact that Trump will get another 4 years and you liberals are just pissed about it. On the other hand, it’s really sad how childish you all act.
    Suck it up buttercup!

  3. Good Lord, Tim, what are you thinking? You are in the process of selling your soul to the devil. Don’t do this. The map thing is terrible. Russia attacked and took Crimea. That’s why the U.S. placed sanctions on Russia and why Putin’s asset in the White House has been doing what he can to undermine the Ukrainian administration. Buddying up with Trump and changing the map to reflect acceptance and justification of Russia’s violence is not right. History will not look kindly on these decisions.

  4. As I stated earlier. RESPECT is what lacks our society today. If someone doesn’t share your opinion/views/politics/thoughts/actions, why does that upset you? Hasn’t history shown that we are just riding the train of life at a certain time together. One person can say the glass is half full; the other can say half empty… both are correct. There is no need to stress over it, to the point, that we disrespect each other.

  5. Well look at that, they can disagree on policies yet remain civil and work towards a common goal. Weird, that seems to work much better than rioting in the streets, attacking America loving maga hat wearers, screaming uncontrollably, and hiding in university safe spaces.

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