Apple changes Crimea designation in Maps and Weather to meet Russian demands

Apple has complied with Russian demands to show Crimea as part of Russian territory on Apple’s Maps and Weather apps inside Russia.

BBC News:

Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, in a move that was condemned by most of the global community.

The region is now displayed as Russian territory on Apple Maps and Weather, when viewed from inside Russia. However, Apple Maps and Weather do not show Crimea as part of any country, when viewed outside Russia.

Google, which also produces a popular Maps app, does not show Crimea as belonging to either Russia or Ukraine on its maps.

MacDailyNews Take: Par for the course.


  1. Once again following the lead of our official American foreign policy. Will senators like Josh Hawley drag Apple into the court of public opinion for a flogging? If so, he might want to start with President Trump, who has already said that Crimea is now a part of Russia as far as he’s concerned.

    1. Peter the Great died in 1725. Russia did not take Crimea from its native Tatar population until 1783, violating several treaties in the process. Until 1917, it was a distinct part of the Russian Empire, like Lithuania and Finland; it only became part of the Russian Federation (as the Crimean Autonomous Republic) in 1921 and only for 33 years. Stalin deported the Tatars and replaced them with Russians and Ukrainians following World War II, then gave their territory to the Ukrainian component of the Soviet Union. So, no, Crimea is not historically Russian.

      1. From 1802 to 1921, Crimea was part of the Empire’s Taurida Governate, with mainland areas now in Ukraine, not in Russia. Ethnic Russians did not reach half the population of Ukraine until the 1940s. After 1921, Crimea was in Russia for 33 years and in Ukraine for 60. So, again, the Putin/Trump claim that Crimea is historically Russian just does not hold water… unless one believes that the Russian Federation is entitled to annex everything that was ever in the Russian Empire or Warsaw Pact.

      2. Actually the Tartars were invaders too. So were the Genoese. The Mongols, Tamerlane, The Ottomans who propped up the Tartar Khanate. Then came Catherine the Great who was born German.

        After the Tartars were driven out by the Commies the Ethnic Russians moved in even more.

  2. This is a tough problem for any company that produces maps. Many borders around the world are in dispute. Even if most of the world accepts one version there are hold outs that vigorously protest.

    If someone has a better solution I’d like to see it.

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