1. I’d like to switch over to Apple Sign In for everything, but how do you switch over logins that have already been created? Apple should have an option to automatically migrate any logins in Keychain that also use Apple’s Sign In.

    I give this idea to the world free of charge…

  2. I’m not signing into anything that contains that much info about me, and that includes Apple. Sorry, but no, thanks. Silicon Valley on the whole just doesn’t get it, and with each younger generation, I’m beginning to doubt that they ever will.

    1. Sign in with Apple gives exactly zero information away to anyone. Apple already has your e-mail address, as we all should know. It doesn’t even give that away if you don’t want it to.

      You don’t understand how this works.

  3. “Silicon Valley is not monolithic”, those words came straight from the mouth of Steve Jobs. You are already gave the world all you information. That stuff is already out and about, and honestly the only solution that make sense to me is to use Sign In With Apple. At least they will create a fake email address for me, so that at least going forward I am not shelling away all my information through multiple channels.

  4. Issues with this:
    1. Doesn’t work with existing accounts
    2. Doesn’t work with everything.

    So its kinda like Apple pay and you have to wait until or if the app or website offers it. Another semi dud.

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