Should you install macOS Catalina today?

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

Apple today released macOS Catalina, making it available now for download.

I’ve been using it since the beta release and have written extensively in recent months about many of the new improvements and features… Apple’s new macOS has been extensively tested, but I don’t generally recommend any user upgrades immediately when a major OS update ships.

There are several reasons:

• Some essential third-party apps may not yet have Catalina support.
• Even after extensive beta testing, things do go wrong, so it is worth waiting until the first point upgrade to an OS.
• You should always backup your device before you upgrade, and when you do upgrade you should have time on hand to address any problems that occur.
• The update process tends to be a little smoother if you delay and avoid the rush.

When it comes to Catalina, I’m not suggesting things will go awry once you do upgrade, but in the rare event something happens, you need to make sure you have the time to address it.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s much more in Jonny’s full article including 32-bit apps, the Music, Podcasts, TV and Books apps, Sidecar, Voice Control, Dark Mode, and more, so have at it!


  1. As soon as Apple releases a non-mini, non-integrated-display computer I can run it on. Still running my 2010 Mac Pro, now 2 OS upgrades behind, waiting for an appropriate upgrade option.

  2. Not interested. Too many apps are 32-bit or 64-bit with 32-bit dependencies. Dropping 32-bit was premature and largely unnecessary. Too much functionality loss with negligible gain. That pretty much describes every Apple product upgrade of the last several years.

      1. I just installed Catalina on an Air I’ve got, and, Finder still has column view, so, where did that erroneous ‘disqualifying defect’ comment come from? There may be things to dis about Catalina, but not having column view ain’t one of them.

  3. Since my Early 2011 MacBook Pro can’t go past High Sierra I am keeping my Mid 2017 iMac on the same version. If this laptop ever dies I will move up, but the little beast seems to be unstoppable.

    1. ditto, OC. I did the check in ‘about this mac’. There’s 61 (!) of 32-bit applications, including ChemBioDraw Mathtype, EquationEditor, and Endnote (all critical for my work) (v. 7, would need to pay for v. 9) , ABBY OCR, OED 4, and various Printer Utilities. So it’s Mohave for me…

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