Apple approves Hong Kong police activity tracking app

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg:

Apple Inc.’s App Store reversed a recent decision to reject a Hong Kong app that shows police activity in the midst of increasingly violent pro-democracy protests in the city.

The app, known as, is a mobile version of a website that helps users avoid potentially dangerous areas, according to the developer, who uses the alias Kuma to remain anonymous. It was rejected from Apple’s App Store because it “facilitates, enables, and encourages an activity that is not legal,” Apple told the developer, according to a copy of the rejection notice seen by Bloomberg News. “Specifically, the app allowed users to evade law enforcement,” Apple wrote.

On Friday, Apple reversed the decision and the app has been approved for sale in Hong Kong.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like “executive override” was brought to bear here, after a lower level App Store reviewer’s poor decision to pull the app.


  1. Pete;
    We know the CIA (a.k.a. the hidden global government) meddles almost everywhere to enhance their power; but, please explain how or what they’re currently doing in Hong Kong and for what purpose. (?)

    Margaret Thatcher would not have abandoned the (then, in the 1980s) free people of HK. The 100 year treaty expiration could have been complied with, yet it could have loosened Britain’s legal controls but blocked Chinese Communists from violating HK citizens’ infiltrating its government and failing to abide by the 50 year requirement of honoring the HK gov’t. autonomy.

    Why should HK free citizens voluntarily give up their freedoms to China’s forces after speaking British English and operating under GB’s legal system for 100 years? If HK goes down then Taiwan, Korea and then eventually Japan will follow and be eaten by the Chinese tiger.

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