Apple to invest $1 billion in India, plans to begin export of ‘Made in India’ iPhones across the world

As Apple plans to begin exporting ‘Made in India’ iPhones across the world, the California-based company is set invest some $1 billion in India.

Pankaj Doval for The Times of India:

The move by the US electronics giant comes at a time when the US and China are engaged in a trade war, prompting companies which are heavily dependent on manufacturing in China to look elsewhere for making their products.

“Apple will be investing $1 billion in India through its partners. They have said the production will be used for meeting the demand for its products across global markets,” an official source told TOI.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple’s push in India, a huge market with much potential, continues. Hopefully, Apple Retail Stores will come to India soon, too!

As an aside, you’d think that by now, just months away from the year 2020, all of this assembly would be handled by robots. Obviously, precision robotics is much more difficult than many appreciate. There is still no viable replacement for humans on smartphone assembly lines.


  1. If I buy a premium Apple product and it’s etched somewhere on the back of the device “Designed in California – made in India” I hope Apple honour my 14 day refund period. The end.

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