Purported leaked Apple document reveals ‘iPhone 11’ naming, OS release dates, new iPads in October, and more

Mikey Campbell for AppleInsider:

A supposedly leaked internal document reveals a wealth of information regarding Apple’s fall product lineup, including the names and release timelines of new iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad models, operating system release dates and more.

Twitter account “AppleBeta2019,” which has in the past provided accurate information regarding beta versions of Apple’s various operating systems, reportedly obtained what is referenced as a “September newsletter” by a contractor on Tuesday.

According to the resource, Apple will announce three new iPhones this fall, dubbed “iPhone 11,” “iPhone 11 Pro” and “iPhone 11 Pro Max,” branding that corresponds to previously reported internal identifiers “N104,” “D42” and “D43,” respectively… As for Apple Watch, four new models are tipped for unveiling at a special media event on Sept. 10, with a launch presumably coinciding with iPhone.

AppleInsider has reviewed the 10-page document in its entirety and while the information is compelling, certain details are inconsistent with previously confirmed leaks. As such, we are unable to vouch for the note’s authenticity and offer the following merely for purposes of discussion.

MacDailyNews Take: Starting this year, if Apple wanted to properly name the iPhone, they should do it like this:

• 5.8-inch iPhone Air (2019)
• 6.1-inch iPhone (2019)
• 6.5-inch iPhone Pro (2019)

Going forward, simply follow the template (display size, iPhone Air/iPhone/iPhone Pro, year):

• 5.4-inch iPhone Air (2020)
• 6.1-inch iPhone (2020)
• 6.8-inch iPhone Pro (2020)


  1. The Air name is a powerful marketing asset which sadly until recently at least, has been totally misplaced, abused and misused (if at all) under Cook. If they can’t exploit such a clear cut and powerful product name with its associated and obvious sector position that it screams to be represntative of, then it hardly gives one confidence in the products themselves does it.

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